What is the first image that hits your mind when you hear the word tropics? Lush greens reminiscent of the trees and forests, blues of various hues that resemble the seas and skies, and the browns and greys of the beeches. Living on tropical beaches is a dream for many, but it isn’t always achievable. So, why not bring tropical life into your home?

The tropical style of interiors is much in demand and quite in trend today. This unique style is a mix of comfort and eclectic design. The interiors often create a soothing feeling and can be quite relaxing on the eye and the mind. How can you achieve this for your home? Very simple steps such as using custom removable wallpaper can go a long way in helping you achieve the desired effects.

This article will give you three easy steps with which you can turn your home into a much desirable tropical heaven.

Liven up your walls

One of the first things noticeable as soon as you enter a home is the walls. Walls take up most part of the home and can make or break the look and feel. Tropical peel and stick wallpaper is an inexpensive and excellent way of introducing the tropical styling to your home. Available in various patterns, colors and designs, these wallpapers will fit every design theme from minimalist to vibrant to soothing. If you are designing the interiors of a new home for the first time, you can use the wallpaper of your choice as a canvas to design and build the rest of the interiors.

Use the tropical wallpapers to make a design statement. You can use a bright tropical wallpaper to create an accent wall and keep the rest of the walls plain. The options are endless. Tropical theme works well with your living and dining areas, creating a soothing and calm feeling where you can relax at the end of a busy and stressful day.


Add tropical-styled accessories to your home to add a touch of warmth and luxury. Fortunately for us, this style is in vogue, and there is no dearth of accessories to choose from. Add indoor plants for a touch of greenery. Adding huge murals also adds to the tropical look of your home. Bright and huge paints and art works work well with the theme. Upholstered furniture with tropical designs is another excellent way to enhance the tropical feel. In terms of furniture and accessories, you can also incorporate more natural materials such as woods, jute, rattan, bamboo, wicker, etc. For upholstery, opt for fabrics featuring designs such as palm leaves, ferns, autumn blooms, weathered leaves, grass, etc.

Keep It Balanced

For any interiors to work well, balance is the key while ensuring that you do not overdo the styling and design. If you choose to have bright and busy wallpapers, keep your upholstery and accessories simple and minimal. If you are building your interiors around a focal accessory, your custom removable wallpaper must contrast with the look and feel of the accessory. Keeping everything bold may give the room a very cluttered look and defeat the purpose of having a soothing place to relax.

Achieving a tropical look for your home isn’t rocket science. With a few simple and easy steps, you can incorporate this design into your home. When in doubt, start by tropical peel and stick wallpaper and build your accessories, draperies, and upholstery around it.

By following the steps above, we hope you can create the tropical heaven you always dreamed of!!