The coronavirus (COVID-19) storm has been the most threatening pandemic to mankind now. This outbreak has put several countries in a complete lockdown leaving us indoors. We are neither on a holiday nor a food festival to have lots of food, right? It is just we are staying at home but all the activities are to be carried out without any excuses. Try to execute your day efficiently with great tips from meandmylifestyle. See the positive side of the circumstances and indulge yourself in doing productive things.

Here are certain things to bear in mind to stay fit and healthy

Keep the junk at the bay

Good nutrition is important for health especially when it is our immune system to fight back the disease. In this lockdown, the limited availability of the resources, especially fresh food might potentially lead us to the excessive consumption of processed food that contains high salts, sugars, and chemicals.

Nonetheless, one can still continue to have healthy food with the available stuff. Due to the hectic schedules, you may not have enough time to cook, so use this quarantine to prepare the delicious food in a healthy way.

Diet plan

Being at home for so long with little activity might pave to overeating. Timings and the portions you consume matters a lot. This quarantine should not be a reason for you to break your diet regime. People who are on diet will mostly have one cheat day a week, and that will be usually on a day off or weekends when at home. But due to this lockdown, all of us have to stay at home and no wonder we crave food every single hour. So tune yourself not to binge.

You may have a list of diet plans earlier that you might have postponed due to time constraints, this is the right time to follow a diet plan of your choice.

Protein & Fiber intake

Whole grains like quinoa, oats, buckwheat are rich in fiber, they are unrefined whole grains. As they have long shelf-life they serve as the better options in this tough time. Have a good amount of protein intake required for the day. Lentils and pulses are rich sources of protein and fiber. They are versatile and so you have many options to make something good out of them.

Nuts and fruits

Consume enough amounts of nuts every day, particularly unsweetened or unsalted. They can be eaten directly or can be added in salads, porridge, etc. We also find nut spreads available but make sure they are free from salt and sugars. Ensure a sufficient intake of veggies and fruits. Try to include Vitamin C rich foods like lemons, oranges, grapes, and mangoes in the diet which help to boost immunity.

No or less consumption of sugars

This can be done by subbing out sugar with any sweeteners like jaggery, honey, stevia, coconut sugar, etc. Baking has become the trend now, bake only when there is an occasion as it contains too many sugars.

Do not sit idle

Staying physically active is important for optimal health. Help in the household chores like cleaning, decluttering, etc and these serve as some sort of physical exercise resulting in the hygiene surroundings too. Try to reduce the sedentary time whenever possible like standing up while talking on the phone rather than sitting.


As we don’t get to see the gym or go for a walk outside we might feel bored up and demotivated with the regular workout in a small space, the solution is to keep changing the exercises you do. We can find many workout sessions on YouTube. To make this more interesting and entertaining you can try dancing for about half an hour to the music you like the most. Keep a regular check of your weight.

Allocate some time for meditation to attain inner peace. It is all the game of the mind, stay positive and that reflects on the overall health.

Keep hydrating yourself

Try to consume warm water whenever possible. Consume juice from the freshly crushed fruits rather than the canned ones as they are loaded with preservatives. Connecticut concierge IV therapy (and treatments in other US cities) can also help you get the hydration you need. This type of treatment rehydrates your body, flushes out toxins, and supports your overall health.

No regrets

This should not be a practice for a few days or for some time now. Health is the asset that stays with us until the last breath. Do not be the one who feels bad and regretful about yourself post the quarantine. Stay fit, stay healthy.