Exercise is a dire need of everyone today. We may exercise for several reasons but most of us do it to reduce weight or to stay fit and healthy. Now the best form of exercise is either running or walking and specialists recommend at least 10,000 steps a day. They sound a lot, right? Well, it translates into five miles of walk each day; or 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day, anyway recommended by the doctors. So, it’s not so much anymore. It may affect differently on each of us as we have different body structures. But taking care of exercise and counting the steps might soon start making a difference. Here are some tips on how to take our steps seriously.

So why counting the steps? The foremost is your fitness goal: making a habit of exercise to a particular amount, increasing your stamina and pushing yourself harder every day, a little more. If you are a beginner you need to determine your current strength. Buy a tracker and count your steps and then buildup 1000 more on your baseline, every day. You can go slow as per your own build and stamina, your injuries or allergies. But we encourage you to put a little more effort on an increased step goal by doing small chores or running few errands and you would love your results.

Many of us exercise just to reduce weight. The best and easiest way could be to increase your daily objective. First, mark up a level or a size number you wish to reach and then compute your routine with the steps you take every day and how many calories your steps can burn in a week. It is often said that if you reduce your weight in a systematic and calculated way, it may seem slow but it will last longer. Your one pound of body fat could be burned in less than a week, if you closely adhere to the 10,000 steps goal every day, your workout session and your determination. The calories you will burn will make you feel and to look better and will also motivate you to take some extra steps every day.

When we are trying to lose some weight, we must stay determined for the results. We try hard and push ourselves harder. But once we have achieved our desired set mark or size, we tend to get loose a bit. This is the time to collect our self and put an extra effort on staying fit. Your fitness level depends on your determination. You have put an effort in reducing your weight, now you need to maintain it too, with same conviction and routine.
You also need to maintain your fitness because of countless other advantages regarding your health like:

  • It increases your mental health
  • Gives you relief from depression
  • Helps you in improved, good and sound sleep
  • Helps you in maintaining good heart rate
  • Reduces the chances of stroke
  • Helps you in lowering and maintaining your blood pressure
  • Gives you good stamina
  • Helps you in having a good mood
    With a guide to maintain your health we can also suggest you from where to begin. You can get trackers to wear in your wrist which can determine your steps every day. Since this is the era of smartphones and apps, you can even download a mobile app, which can monitor your activity. It can count your steps and can even recommend you when you should eat or how many calories you have taken or burnt for the day.