If you are planning to improve the lifestyle that you have or the value of your home, then having a new bathroom will be one of the best upgrades that you can do. Aside from this, there are actually several reasons as to why you want or have to add or renovate your bathroom. Another one good reason is for you to enjoy the comfort of your bathroom.

However, before you proceed with adding a bathroom in your home, there are a lot of considerations that you need to take. One of the things that you need to consider is, of course, how much for a new bathroom, and consequently your budget. You should know if your budget will fit in adding up a bathroom.

For you to have a budget for this, of course, you need to know the cost or the average price for adding a bathroom.

Bathroom Addition Cost

The cost for you to have an additional bathroom in your house will actually be based on your project. Let us say that if you are going to add a bathroom with a ready plumbing that is in place, or you are not moving anything around, then the estimated cost for this is as low as $3,000.

But, if you are going to add a new bathroom or if you are actually converting one room to become a bathroom without a ready plumbing, then this will cost you higher. The cost of adding a bathroom to this kind of situation is about $15,000. This price is for having a new basic bathroom.

However, if you are planning to add some features that are customized or have an expensive upgrade, then it is more likely that you will go over $25,000. This will include everything that you need like plumbing, shower, sink, and some other bathroom equipment.

Now, for you to have an idea, here are some estimated cost for each part of the bathroom that you are going to have.

1. Cost of Pipe Installation

The first thing that you need to do if you are going to add a bathroom is for you to install a new plumbing pipe. These pipes are the very first thing that a bathroom contractor or a plumber before they do anything else. This is because pipes go behind the walls so it is a must that this is the first thing to install.

A rough estimation for installing new plumbing pipes would be around $1,000. This may still increase depending on the size of your new bathroom or if you are planning to add a shower tub.

2. Cost of Shower Installation

Having a shower is the focal point of any bathroom. So, for the average cost of installing a shower, it will go around $2,997. Another shower addition range is from $5,000 to $10,000.

If you are going to install a shower, there are some parts that come with it. This might keep lessening your shower addition cost.

  • Shower Inserts – $50 – $5,000
  • Shower Pan – $200 – $500
  • Shower Tiling – $300 – $3,000
  • Shower Doors (frameless) – $900 – $1300
  • Shower Heads – $25 – $250
  • Glass Shower Door – $663 – $1,004


3. Bathtub Installation Cost

Many homeowners are yearning to have a bathtub. Some of them would want a luxurious one. For installing a new bathtub, the cost for this one is around $2,800. This cost higher because you are actually installing a shower tub combo.

Here are also ranges how much a bathtub is. These prices does not include installation.

  • Fiberglass Bathtubs – $300 – $500
  • Steel Bathtubs – $300 – $500
  • Acrylic Bathtubs – $600 – $900
  • Cast Iron Bathtubs – $400 – $2500
  • Cultured Marble Bathtubs – $1,700 – $2,500


4. Toilet Installation Cost

Having a toilet in a bathroom is a must because it is the most frequently used. For toilet installation, it will cost you not more than $600. However, before you decide to install a toilet, you must consider a few things.

  • Toilets that are one piece are easier to install.
  • You can choose from an elongated and round front or a compact elongated.
  • A wall-hung toilet can save you more space but it can also cost you more repair.
  • Choose whether you are going to have a gravity flush or assisted flush system. Though an assisted flush is more powerful than gravity.


5. Cost for Sink Installation

The usual cost for installing a sink is around $250 – $500. But, this will actually depend on the of your bathroom sink. Because of this, it could increase up to $1,000.

You also need to consider the hardware and the material of the sink that you are going to install. Here are some of the materials that bathroom sink is made up of.

  • Acrylic – This is the most affordable sink material
  • Stainless Steel – The most durable sink material
  • Cast Iron – This requires more care
  • Fireclay – This is the most expensive sink material


6. Flooring Installation Cost

Of course, you also have to set up the floor of your bathroom as this is one of the most dominant features that a bathroom has. For an average flooring addition cost, this is around $2,300 but will still go down with the material.

Type of Flooring Average Installation Cost
Vinyl $3.00/sf
Laminate $4.70/sf
Bamboo $7.30/sf
Tile $7.50/sf
Hardwood $8.00/sf

As shown on the price list above, vinyl is the cheapest material that you can get in the market. But, if in case that you are going to sell your house, this is not a good choice. This is because most buyers would prefer a tile or a hardwood.

7. Cabinet Installation Cost

Having cabinets in the bathroom is actually one of the most significant things that you can have. However, having cabinets installed in your bathroom is not cheap. A custom cabinet can cost you about $500 or more per cabinet installed. And if you are going to get someone to install cabinets, you will roughly pay around $4,000.

8. Other Bathroom Addition Cost

If you are planning to install other bathroom accessories then here are some of the features and how much they will cost.

  • Mirror Installation – $60 – $300
  • Heated Bathroom Floors – $475 – $1,500
  • Bathroom Fan Installation – $100 – $350
  • Jacuzzi Cost – $1600 – $13,000
  • Trach Lighting Installation – $480 – $674


Final Say

Now that you have the idea with how much is the cost to install plumbing to add a bathroom in your house and as well as other features that is in it, then it is time for you decide. You can also contact experts for you to help you give the real cost of your own bathroom. GM Plumbing is one of the experts that you can trust for you to know the exact figure for installing plumbing for your bathroom. They can also help you with the installation process.