Instagram gives you the freedom to post whatever you want whenever you want. You can post about friendships, food, adventures, landscapes, etc. Unfortunately, we could get lost in that freedom and be completely blank about what to post. Nobody wants their Instagram feed to be described as dull, we all want pictures that pop, a feed that people love to visit, and a feed that could potentially make a lot of money.

Even if you post mainly for enjoyment, keeping your updates fresh, dynamic, and interesting is still an important thing to do. So here are some cool things to spark ideas for your next Instagram post. One good way to get ideas is by checking the top trending hashtags on Instagram and centering your posts on that.


We live in an era of motivation and quotes, so motivational quotes are always great things to post. You don’t have to stop at motivational quotes, however, as there are several aspects of life that people love to read quotes on. You can post quotes about love, sorrow, overcoming adversity, friendships, human rights, overcoming temptation, amassing riches, overcoming obstacles and hardships, and everything in between.

The awesome thing about this is the quotes don’t have to be yours, you can use quotes from other people, past and present; just be sure to give proper credits. You can get a steady supply of inspiring quotes from sites like Ensure that you use a photo that you have rights to or one that’s protected by creative commons, and a nice and readable font.


People love memes. Some memes are evergreen and some follow trends. Either way, your meme should be witty, meaningful and should be in relation to a popular event or concept so people easily understand it. There are some guidelines on creating a great meme. One thing is to ensure that your meme idea or something similar does not already exist, the best memes are usually the most unique ones.

You can make memes within your particular niche but also give allowance for popular events in other niches.

Tik Tok Videos

The Tik Tok revolution has taken Instagram by storm. Tik Tok videos are everywhere, and people love them. The best thing about it is you can make your Tik Tok videos about anything. Many people make it about dance and friendships, but you can put your own spin on it. You can make it about your own life.

All you need to make great videos are a smartphone with a good camera and some creativity.

Breathtaking Scenery

If you travel or live in the mountains, you can decorate your Instagram feed with beautiful, eye-popping scenery. A lot of people love seeing new beautiful places, and the only way to do this is to get out there and take pictures. Try to avoid reposting often, you don’t want to repeat what others already have on their pages.

You also don’t have to travel very far or live high up in the mountains to take stunning shots, you can take amazing shots highlighting the beauty of a bustling cosmopolitan city like New York.

Adventure Photos

Adventure is a bit broad and this is a good thing that can be used as an advantage. You can post pictures of your travels and hobbies (like that time you took bodyboarding lessons in Hawaii). You can also post pictures about everyday life – an adventure can be had on a trip or in your apartment. You can make your adventure posts about living your own way or about you as a human being going through life.

There are a million and one things you can post on Instagram that are cool, sometimes you have to follow your instincts, if it’s interesting to you it should be interesting to someone else. Always ensure your photos are clear and well-edited, and that they are yours or you have permission to use them.