In the current scenario, marketing plays a very important role in building and demolishing a business. The business world is full of competitors, only the right marketing strategy helps the entrepreneurs to attract consumers towards their products and services.

One of the vital parameters of marketing is consumer trends. It is very important to do proper research about the consumer to whom you are selling your products and services. Although nowadays social media is doing this job free of cost, but because of fluctuated results, hiring a market research agency sounds like a more fruitful option.

Significance of consumer trends

The consumer trend helps in giving you an idea of what buying and selling pattern exactly the market is following. It also defines your consumers; who are they, which culture or tradition they belong to, what mindset they have, what qualities of a product attracts them, the values they follow and many more.

The consumers in the present age think quite logically before buying any product, to make your position strong in the market it is very important to have detailed knowledge about consumer trends. If consumers can make a brand, they can also destroy it. So, the consumer should always be satisfied with your products and services.

Research is the best way to find out about consumer trends. These trends help in developing a marketing strategy, fulfilling customer’s expectations, improving the quality of the product, and generating greater revenue.

Now the question is how you will get to know about consumer trends. So, here are “the top 5 tips to stay updated with consumer trends”.

1. Research

Research is the most accurate way to know about consumer trends. You can perform new research on consumer trends which will be more specific to your own products and services. You can also keep yourself updated with the research that others have already done.

The research includes the collection of data of a specific target consumer market, through that data a statistical result might be generated. Here I am giving the example of statistics of makeup consumption. Similar to this we can find out different product consumption and customer trends.

Research can be done on a large scale (covers a large population of people) or on a smaller scale (having a small group of people). Although on large scale researches a greater population is taken and we get to know about more people but still, they are less accurate compared with the smaller scale researches.

The reason for less accuracy is the diversity of the population involved in the research. They may belong to different regions, cultures, and follow different mindsets. For accurate results of research, it is crucial to select a similar type of consumer.

The research can also be survey-based in which different questions are asked from the consumers about a product or service and results are generated according to their answers. This type of research helps in improving the quality of a product and in expanding the product line. Survey-based researches are done through papers, online forms, or through calls.

For conducting research a lot of efforts and money is required, therefore, a better option is to update yourself with the researches that are already conducted and are similar to your product. It will also give you knowledge about your competitors and your position in the market.

2. Social media

Social media is the cheapest way to update yourself with consumer trends. In the present age, people express themselves on social media a lot. When they like a product they will share their reviews on social media. If they don’t like a product then they will definitely share their reviews on every social media platform.

Therefore, through social media, you can easily update yourself with consumer trends. Although here the accuracy rate is much less compared to the research since social media is a worldwide platform. People belonging to different communities can have different opinions and it becomes quite hard to collect specific data through social media.

3. Direct communication

Direct communication makes the seller’s and consumer’s bond stronger. You can directly contact the consumer through social media, phone calls, emails, and messages or through direct feedback at the stores. This can help you in knowing the good and bad things about your products and services.

Through direct communication you get to know the strengths and weaknesses of your product hence, helping you in improving your product. It also helps in fulfilling the consumer’s expectations.

Direct communication also leaves a positive impression of your company on the consumer’s mind. They appreciate your concern towards them by asking for their feedback. This creates an emotional connection between your brand and its consumer.

4. Knowledge about the market and your competitors

Consumer trends may vary according to the market. To stay updated with consumer trends it is very important to have precise knowledge about the market. When you know the detailed answers of questions like

  • What type of market your product belongs to?
  • Who is your consumer?
  • What are the consumer trends in the market?

Only then you will know the position of your products in the market and can improve it according to the consumer’s expectations.

Another very important thing is to keep an eye on your competitors. You will have to analyze the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your company and your competitor’s company in order to keep your company at a good spot.

5. Consumption rate and revenue generation

A higher consumption rate indicates the greater value of a product in consumer trends. So, by keeping yourself updated with the consumption rate you can also update yourself about the consumer trends.

The consumption rate and revenue generation both share a direct relationship. The ones that derive the most consumption rate will generate more revenue, making the product achieve higher demand in consumer trends.


Here we can conclude that keeping an update of consumer trends is very important for the progress of a business. The better you will know your consumer, the better you can fulfill their expectations. For long term success, it is most important to keep your customers satisfied.

A successful business is not an overnight achievement rather it is a constant struggle of hard work, improvements, and never giving up on your mission and objectives.