There are arioso systems that are put in place to control any vehicle’s engine. Some are the ECM – engine control module as well as a transmission control module (TCM) while many others use the Dodge PCM – powertrain control module.

The PCM is special because it is a powerful computer used to manage the engine’s ignition system, fuel injection, emission system, transmission, exhaust system, mechanical positioning and any other functions all related to the operation of the engine. In other vehicles, it may also control the traction control system and the anti-lock brake system.

Though most people do not like the idea of computerized vehicles, the computerized systems make the engines run more smoothly and efficiently. These vehicles also alert the drivers of the issue before they lead to a catastrophic failure. They also offer the technicians reference to check instead of doing guesswork on the auto repair.

Drivers of computerized cars can comfortably enjoy the interaction that comes with the powertrain control module that shows the check engine light and other warning lights that are key in checking the wellbeing of your car.

You don’t have to worry about programming the PCM because it is always programmed from the factory to use the warning lights so as to alert the driver of any failure when certain conditions come up.

For example, the check engine light will light up if the engine coolant temperature is too low or too high. These lights alert both drivers and technicians telling them about the diagnostic trouble codes they need to check in the PCM. This is highly helpful in the diagnosis and repair of the computerized cars.

The symptoms of wear and tear of the PCM

You don’t have to drive worried if your car is okay if you are using a computerized car. The PCM is able to communicate clearly to you when there are signs of wear and tear. These are signs that you are most likely to see and react to. They include:

  • Check engine light comes on showing codes that cannot be repaired – Anytime the PCM detects issues and cannot tell exactly what the issue is, then the PCM may have failed or may be reading erroneously
  • Several unrelated trouble codes reading simultaneously – Sometimes you will need to diagnose the PCM before moving on to diagnosing the trouble codes
  • The vehicle may stop running
  • Poor engine performance – Maybe funny sounds could be emitting from the engine
  • Engine stalling while driving

All these signs are enough to get your technician to check what is happening to your PCM.

Related repair advice

Most vehicles allow their PCM to have an upgradeable software that will be upgraded to a new level and eliminate all the old errors.

When replacement is needed, the PCM must be bought from the same authorized manufacturer and installed with the latest software.

Please note that the terms PCM and ECM are used interchangeably but they stand for different things. The ECM controls only the engine related functions, while the PCM controls the engine plus the transmission operation.