Ever wonder why your eyes strain each time you stare at your computer’s screen for too long? So many people interact with computers at work. By that, computer eye strain has really become a significant job-related complaint. Today, the working class have to deal with eye strain and other visual symptoms that can become quite bothersome. Studies even reveal that about 50 % to 90% of workers who interact with computers on a daily basis suffer various visual symptoms where computer eye strain is one of them. And the best immediate remedy to all this are good Blue Light Glasses. Visual symptoms can range in physical fatigue, increased work error numbers, decreased productivity, to other minor annoyances like red eyes and eye twitching.

If you don’t learn and apply the best eye protection measures from the computers that you have to use all day every day, then your eyesight will keep deteriorating. In worse cases, you may even go blind if you are not too careful. That said, here are ten simple steps that you can take to deal with computer eye strain and save your eyesight.

1. Use proper lighting

What most people that use computers tend to neglect when using these machines is their lighting. Too much bright light is often the root cause of computer eye strain. At times, even having proper Blue Light Glasses may not help much against too bright light from computers. It doesn’t really matter whether it is too much natural light or light from other sources. As long as the light is harsh enough to compromise the integrity of your vision, it isn’t good for you. Whenever you are using a computer, it is essential that the ambient light is about half as bright to protect your eyes.

2. Get a comprehensive eye exam

The best way of preventing too much computer eye strain damage is by getting regular comprehensive eye exams. This will help you prevent, detect, and even treat computer-related vision problems before they get much worse. Therefore, if you have never had an eye exam before or in over a year, then it is best that you schedule for one as soon as you can. Having an eye exam at least once a year if you spend too much of your work time in front of the computer is an especially smart move. One that can save you a lot of eye problems in the future.

3. Upgrade your display

Thanks to the continuous technological advancements, today, computers come with LCD screens which are much easier on the eyes. Not to mention, these new computer screens also come with anti-reflective surfaces. The old CRT screens could cause a noticeable flicker of the images it displays. And this is what caused major computer eye strain to most computer users who used machines with these screens. Most Blue Light Glasses also come with the features that these new LCD screens come with which contribute to protecting their users from harmful blue light from computer screens.

4. Minimize glare

Blue Light Glasses also work to help their wearers minimize glare on reflections on computer screens, walls, and finished surfaces. All the reasons you need to have an anti-glare screen installed on your computer monitor. If possible, you can even paint bright white walls a much darker color and have a matte finish to them.

Again, make sure to cover the windows. And in case you cannot reduce outside light from getting into the room you are in, then you can also use a computer hood. Blue Light Glasses with anti-reflective coating makes for another excellent option to go for.

5. Adjust the computer display settings

Sometimes, all you need to do it make some minor adjustments to the display settings of your computers to help reduce fatigue and eye strain. Generally, most of these computer display adjustments can be quite beneficial to computer users.

Work on adjusting the brightness of your computer, the text size, and contrast of the screen, and the color temperature to settings that are less strenuous when using your computer.

6. Blink more often

When working at a computer, blinking is especially important. Continuous blinking helps to moisten your eyes as you work and prevents them from drying or getting irritated. Studies reveal that most computer users tend to blink less frequently when in essence, they ought to blink a lot more often.

When you don’t blink for an extended period, the tears that coat your eyes evaporate and leave your eyes feeling dry and irritating. Plus, working in dry air environments can help speed up the entire process. This can add to your list of eye problems which is exactly what you must try to avoid.

7. Take frequent breaks

It is also essential that you take regular breaks from the computer screens if you want to reduce the risk of having computer vision-related symptoms. If you know that you will be working in front of a computer for too long, then you need to organize some mini-breaks where you take time off the computer screens. You want to stand up and move about the room. Maybe stretch your arms and legs, back and neck to reduce muscle tension and fatigue.

8. Exercise your eyes

Focusing fatigue is also another common cause of computer eye strain. You want to reduce the risk of tiring your eyes by continuously focusing on your computer screen. To do this, you need to take at least 20-minute breaks every few hours to gaze at a distant object or something else for at least 20 seconds. You’ll essentially be working to reduce the risk of the focusing ability of your eyes locking up after prolonged computer work.

9. Modify your workstation

If you have no option of changing your computer, then at least you can work on making your workstation more work-friendly. Light the copy stand properly. Even if it is a desk lamp that you prefer to use, it is essential that the light doesn’t shine too bright into your eyes or reflect on the computer screen. You may also want to purchase ergonomic furniture that enables you to position yourself well and get comfortable enough.

10. Consider computer eyewear

To ensure maximum comfort each time you sit in front of a computer, you should consider getting decent Blue Light Glasses specially prescribed for you by a specialist. Customized computer glasses can save you a lot of eye strain and other visual-related issues.

Final thoughts

Sitting in front of a computer for too long may not be the choice most people opt for. But one that jobs force them into. As such, it is only best that you work your best to minimize the overall damage computer light can cause on your eyes. Follow the tips mentioned above and see how well they take you.