Around ten percent of the population gets flu every year. Many more experience a common cold during the wintertime.

During the winter season, the number of people getting sick can increase by more than 25 percent.

And yet, you shouldn’t think about getting flu or a cold as totally random. While you cannot rule out getting sick, there are many cold and flu precautions you can take.

Check out our tips for how to protect yourself from the flu this winter. Let’s get started below!

1. Ask Your GP for a Flu Vaccination

Fewer than half of Americans say that they’re getting a flu shot this year.

Are you eager to prevent yourself from getting flu? The flu shot is probably the most effective way to ensure you don’t come down with anything.

If you’re an adult under the age of 65 the flu shot has a 60 percent success rate on ensuring that you don’t get flu. You get this vaccine at your GP or local pharmacy. Make sure to get the shot as early as possible as the winter sets in.

2. Ensure You Wash Your Hands Regularly

Washing your hands regularly is a simple and effective way to stop the spread of disease. However, around 97 percent of people don’t wash their hands properly.

You need to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water. Whenever you come into contact with someone else or before eating, it’s important to wash your hands.

3. Get Enough Sleep During the Nights

Around one in three Americans don’t get enough sleep. When you lack sleep, your immune system won’t be quite as strong.

Therefore, if you’re exhausted constantly, you’re not going to be as resilient against the threat of flu and colds.

You need to make sure you get to sleep early. That’s around seven to nine hours per night to ensure you’re refreshed for the next day.

If you struggle to fall asleep, you need to try some techniques to improve your sleep patterns. This includes drinking chamomile tea to avoiding screens before bed.

4. Stay Physically Active in the Winter

Did you know than more than 80 percent of Americans say that they don’t get enough exercise? During the winter months, people exercise even less. The cold weather and the gloomy mood keep us indoors.

When you’re not working out as much, you’re making yourself more vulnerable to the development of flu and colds.

Physical activity is part of a healthy lifestyle. It’s also an important way to prevent yourself from getting sick during the cold.

Just make sure when you go for a run in the park or play soccer with your friends that you wrap up warm.

5. Avoid People Who Are Already Sick

If you want to avoid getting flu or colds this year, you need to avoid anyone who already has the sickness.

This can be unpleasant if your loved one is unwell. You might have to care for them when they are suffering from the flu.

However, as much as possible, don’t get too close to someone who is sick with flu or a cold. This is especially important when someone is sneezing or coughing. When you’re out in public, that’s when you need to stay far away.

Remember when you’re sick, you should always stay at home to rest and recover. That’s much better than spreading the germs to other people.

6. Always Eat a Healthy Diet

Over three-quarters of Americans say that they eat a healthy diet. And yet, the evidence says something very different.

Are you truly eating as healthy as you should be? That means lots of fruit and vegetables with whole grains and protein.

Making sure you get the nutrition your body needs is really important if you want to ensure that you can fight off the flu and colds.

A healthy diet helps keep your immune system strong. Foods that you should eat for your immune system include leafy greens, nuts, and citrus fruits.

7. Prevent Yourself Getting Stressed

If you’re leading a stressful life, you’ll probably find that you’re much weaker when a cold or flu is going around.

You need to find ways to de-stress. This could be anything to relieve cold symptoms from mindfulness to spending time in a sauna.

It’s essential that you don’t allow your stress to get out of control. If you have work-related stress, you’ll find that your regularly off work sick.

8. Don’t Touch Your Eyes or Mouth

You can prevent germs from spreading if you keep your hands away from your eyes or mouth.

That means that you should never bite your nails or rub your eyes. This is how the virus is allowed to spread from person to person.

Whenever you need to touch your face, ensure that you have already washed your hands with soap and warm water before.

9. Drink Water to Stay Hydrated

Around 80 percent of American workers say that they don’t drink enough water during the day.

If you don’t stay hydrated during the daytime, you could find that you’re more likely to get sick.

Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. You can also stay hydrated by drinking other fluids during the day.

10. Carry a Hand Sanitizer With You

When you’re out and about you’re constantly touching things that could have germs on them. You need to make sure your hands stay clean and germ-free.

That’s why carrying a hand sanitizer in your pocket or bag can give you the chance to keep your hands clean when you’re outdoors.

Hand sanitizer isn’t a replacement for soap. You still need to wash your hands with soap and warm water. But, it’s better than nothing when you’re out.

What are the Cold and Flu Precautions?

Now you know how to prevent cold and flu during the winter, you can make sure you don’t get sick during the cold weather.

Cold and flu precautions include everything from regularly washing your hands with soap and warm water to staying physically active.

Do you want to know more about how to prevent colds and flu? Check out our blog for more lifestyle and health advice!