Selecting the right equipment is an essential step in setting up a coffee shop or cafe because of the significant investment other than the lease of the premises happens in this area only. Ignorance or lack of information and knowledge about what you need could leave you staring at debt as you might waste your money on the wrong types of equipment. The equipment list helps to create a budget that is crucial to starting up any business and working out the return on investment (ROI).

As you read this article, you would find answers to the questions most often asked about the equipment needed for starting up a coffee shop. While coffee shops are not just for coffee only because accompanying food is also an essential part of the menu. In this article, we will focus on the primary equipment like coffee machines and its accessories as well as equipment required for serving a small selection of hot food.

Here you will also find a comprehensive list of coffee shop equipment and accessories that will make the task of opening a coffee shop look quite easy. To have a look at some of the equipment log on to

Drip coffee makers (automatic)

A durable coffee maker capable of producing a high volume of coffee every day at a quick pace is the central piece of equipment. You need a coffee maker that can cater to the demands of prime-time customers who want fast deliveries, especially in the morning hours when they are in a rush mode and mood. The capacity should be adequate to brew large batch sizes of coffee so that you need not keep repeating the action throughout the day. Depending on the scale of business, you can think of installing multiple coffee makers to prepare multiple blends simultaneously. To maintain a balance between numerous combinations while keeping the process simple, make provision for making three or four blends available at any time.

Espresso coffee machine

Although black coffee constitutes one-third of sales in any coffee shop, you also have to cater to customers who prefer to consume espresso as it is or by combining it with steamed milk. It means that you must also have an Espresso coffee maker of the best quality. High-end Espresso coffee machines can be quite costly, and you should do some homework to ascertain the condition of machines that would suit your purpose. Also, do some research about its availability so that you can prove to be an intelligent shopper who knows how to get the best product at the best bargain without burning holes in the pocket. Choose between semi-automatic, fully automatic and super automatic Espresso machines depending on the business needs.

Industrial coffee grinder

For maintaining the freshness of coffee and serving a brew to customers that they will relish and appreciate, most coffee shops keep coffee beans in inventory and ground it as and when required. Freshly ground coffee makes an excellent new pot that enhances customer experience. Include an industrial grinder in the list of equipment as it plays a significant role in the quality of the coffee. The aroma of coffee or espresso and the flavour profiles are hugely dependent on the quality of grinding the coffee beans. Do not be a spendthrift when spending on a coffee grinder because it can have a massive impact on your business prospects. The grinder contributes to enhancing your abilities to impress customers. Speed and fine grinding capabilities are the qualities you should look for in industrial grade coffee grinders.

Refrigeration system

In any coffee shop, you would see food on display in see-through refrigerators. Fridges are also necessary at the backend for storing dairy products like milk. Refrigerators are essential for keeping food and dairy products fresh. Decide on the types and sizes of refrigerators and counter fridge units that would be required and shop for the energy efficient brands that could keep the running costs low. Pay attention to the design of the equipment so that it blends well with the interior decor and the theme of the coffee shop that you have considered. You can have refrigerators covered with printed vinyl wraps to make it more attractive and increase its aesthetic value by creating beautiful colours and designs that complement the overall decor of the place.

Cooking devices, toasters and ovens

Of all the coffee shops and tea shops that you would come across, almost 60% maintains a small selection of hot food. Assuming that your store would serve sandwiches and pastries as well as bagels, you need to have a toaster, either a pop-up type or a conveyor toaster. If you plan to serve frozen breakfast sandwiches, you must have a compact oven that can promptly deliver warmed up sandwiches without affecting the operational efficiencies. You can even have a selection of frozen food that you can flash bake in ovens and serve customers to fulfill their gastronomic desires while treating them with best in class coffee.

Storage and dispensing facilities

Besides handling and storing vast stocks of coffee beans, cafes have to store and manage a variety of drink toppings for which you must have proper storing facilities. Buy boxes and crates for adequate storage of coffee beans and place it near the coffee makers for convenient handling. Arrange pumps for dispensing syrups that can minimize waste and ensure hygienic handling. Pay attention to any other storage issues and look for solutions so that it does not affect the operational efficiencies. Proper storage and efficient handling contributes to higher productivity and increased customer satisfaction.

Equipment is undoubtedly necessary, but you must not lose sight of consumables like milk and water that play a significant role in creating the best coffee blend that could keep customers coming back again and again. You must know the factors to consider in selecting milk that offers the best mixing options with coffee. Using filtered water will extend the life of espresso machines, and you must install a reliable water filtration unit that helps to improve the taste of coffee too.