If there is ever anything you can do for your hair extensions and they will forever remain grateful, it’s switching to coconut oil.

Coconut’s amazing properties have been mentioned over and over, ever since the time of our grandmas. But then, have you taken an initiative to know exactly what benefits coconut oil has?

This is what this article is about – the amazing ways in which this humble oil will do your hair some justice. Read on to find out more!

Coconut Oil in brief

Coconut oil is extracted from the fleshy part of the coconut fruit. The oil has varied uses, ranging from cosmetics to the kitchen. The oil is a favorite in many households especially because of its beneficial properties for the air.

Many of us only know that coconut oil is highly beneficial to hair. We have not taken a keen interest in knowing exactly how coconut oil benefits the hair and why we should incorporate it in our hair care regimes immediately.

These are some of the major key benefits that can be gained from regular and consistent use of coconut oil.

Hair loss treatment

Hair loss is one of the most common problems faced by humanity, dating back to the cave man ages. At least I would like to think so. But what so mind blogging and interesting is that the masses still have no idea how much coconut oil can help to prevent and reverse hair loss. Its nature’s own little remedy for such a condition.

Since ancient times, coconut oil has been used for hair grooming and its health maintenance. A combination of herbs and coconut oil is known to cure hair fall.

A mixture of gently boiled sage leaves can be applied on the scalp to improve its health. Other alternatives include gooseberries and lime water.

Cooling effects

Coconut oil offers an amazing cooling effect when applied on the scalp. It is highly recommended for people with severe scalp sweating. It nourishes the hair and enhances your scalp’s health.

Dandruff treatment

We all know just how embarrassing dandruff can be. You also can never be so sure with those “dandruff control” shampoos advertised on TVs will be. This is where coconut oil comes to your rescue. The fatty acids that constitute coconut oil are an effective anti-dandruff agents that effectively eliminate dandruff from your scalp. Be sure to mix the coconut oil with some castor oil and lukewarm water for quicker results.

Protection from Lice

Lice can be a source of great misery and embarrassment. Many of the products that are believed to help keep lice at bay also damage the hair. With coconut oil, you won’t need to be worried about your scalp or hair.

Moisture retention

One of the best ways to ensure your hair’s health is maintained is by retaining as much moisture as you possibly can. Coconut oil comes in handy in this. Its moisture retaining capacity is sustainable as it can hardly be evaporated or broken down.

Prevent hair damage

Effectively reduce protein loss from your hair by coating your hair strands with coconut oil. Its lauric acid component penetrates the shafts and keeps your tresses in check.

Coconut oil also handles the brittleness caused by damaged strands. Its abundance in natural proteins meets the nutritional needs of your hair follicles.

Generously apply warm coconut oil throughout the length of your hair and let it sit for an hour. Then shampoo your hair with a mild shampoo.

Boil treatment

Boils on your scalp can be very painful. These are usually caused by overexposure to the sun during summer. Maintaining your scalp’s cleanliness prevents boils. Additionally, occasional massages using a mixture of olive and coconut oil also helps in treating boils.

Treating split ends

Many ladies with split ends are advised to chop them off. However, if only a few strands are split, you can treat them using coconut oil. To further minimize split ends, massage your hair with a mixture of almond and coconut oil.


We love coconut oil because it is free from any harmful chemicals commonly found in conditioners. It is an ideal substitute for conditioners owing to its vitamins, proteins and fatty acids.

Generously apply some warm coconut oil on your hair and let it sit overnight. Rinse it off in the morning. Repeat this on a regular basis and watch your hair flourish.

As a styling agent

Coconut oil assumes different states when heated and when cooled. It solidifies when cooled and thus can be used to style your hair. During application, the heat on your hands melt it and make it easy to spread uniformly. On cooling, it solidifies and acts as a natural styling gel.

Detangling is also made easy when hair is softened using coconut oil. Pay special attention to the tangled sections and carefully get rid of the knots using your fingers.

Other Ways in Which Coconut Oil can Be Used

Other clever ways in which coconut oil can be used include:

  • Creating a base for hair coloring: Coconut oil has the ability to deeply penetrate hair strands as compared to other oils. This is why it is a wonderful medium during hair coloring. It adds a vibrant touch to colored hair and helps it to retain color for a longer period.
  • Speeding hair growth: Coconut oil accelerates your hair growth while keeping it strong and healthy. The natural vitamins in coconut oil leave the scalp nourished and promotes hair growth.

Find your way to healthy, longer hair through your kitchen! Start applying coconut oil and forget hair problems. Don’t forget to share your experience with us!
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