Making a long time investment requires proper consideration of the factors involved before making a decision.

This is true, especially, when dealing with properties that cost a lot of money. If you are not careful you might end up losing a huge sum in just a short time. Thus it is wise to be well-prepared and take the necessary precautions.

This article talks about the factors that ought to be considered when acquiring or investing in properties in Coal Harbour through the help of realtors and real estate agents. Check out Khavari Real Estate Team – RE/MAX Masters to get more information.

Make a proper evaluation of the property

To be able to make a good investment one has to thoroughly assess the assets to ensure that they are suitable.

They should be of good value in terms of their ability to attract a significant amount of income. They also ought to be in good condition to ensure effectiveness and durability.

For instance, where a building is involved it is proper that an inspection be done by professionals to determine its condition. Valuation should also be done to establish its value.

Don’t just rush into buying stuff because other people are doing so. Failure to conduct such procedures is likely to lead to bad investments.


It is good to comply with the rules and regulations that have been set. Although some of them might seem to be disadvantageous to the investor they are generally aimed at protecting all the parties involved.

Failure to follow the rules is bound to cost you sooner or later. It can be very disappointing when you’ve started a venture and it’s blooming only for the business to be shut down because you did not comply with the regulations.

Therefore, you should strictly follow the legitimate channels at all times. It will do you good to involve a legal representative who is experienced in such matters.


Its location influences what and how much you will be able to get from it. For instance, an office building or a business should be located where it is easy for the consumers to access.

This will promote the inward traffic flow and also make it easy to conduct other operations. The place should be close to where the services that are essential to the effective operation of the business are located.

It is also proper to ensure that the area has good security and that your investment will be well-protected. The available infrastructure should be of relevance to the Interests of the venture. You can see this link to read more on how to become a real estate agent

How to choose the best realtor/real estate agent

It is much easier to deal with a professional intermediary rather than trying to purchase a property all by yourself. The latter entails a lot of work and can also result in a bad investment if you are lacking the information and skills required for the task. Here is how you can get a good agent who will serve you well.

Consider their qualification

While it is not mandatory that the individual have a rich educational background you should ensure that they have adequate knowledge and are well-equipped to operate in this line of work. You ought to make sure that they have undergone training in the approved institutions and have gained the relevant skills. Check the certificates that they possess.

Consider their level of professionalism

This can be the difference between an individual being able to close a good deal and another losing it or settling for a bad one.

A professional ought to be conversant with the appropriate negotiations skills and know how to conduct themselves well in all their dealings. They should be punctual, polite, and comply with the regulations.

Pick someone who will have your best interests at heart instead of trying to trick you.

Choose someone who is well-connected

To make the process more efficient you should select someone who has a considerable amount of experience and has a robust network of firms and people who are selling.

This will not only make the process go faster but it will also get you a good property at a discounted price. It eliminates the need to search for the required assets then evaluate them to determine whether they are suitable.

Ask for referrals

If you know someone who has vast experience dealing with realtors or real estate agents then you should ask them to refer you to an expert. It will save you from making poor choices and will also reduce your workload. If you get more than one referral you can compare them and decide on the best one for you.

Choose a reputable person

Going for someone with a good track record and is held in high regard among the clients is highly likely to work out well for you than opting for someone who does not have such status. Click here to read about the benefits of working with a real estate agent.


Coal Harbour has a beautiful landscape and lots of properties that are great for investments. This creates a paradox of choice for the interested investors. One has to engage in a thorough evaluation process to determine the one that suits their intentions well. However, the whole procedure can be made much easier by involving a realtor or a real estate agent. They will help identify the suitable property, engage in negotiations, and adhere to the legal requirements. Thus it is appropriate to take enough time to select an expert who will be useful in the process.