Whether you have been in a long-term relationship or you have recently become a couple, the significance of taking some time out for date nights cannot be denied. This is especially true when you both are working and have to deal with other daily life’s responsibilities. Make sure you haven’t underestimated the significance of spending some quality time alone with each other as this is the time when you can make or break your relationship.

Before both of you go on a date night, there are certain things you need to follow. First and foremost, no matter what happens you are not going to fight. You will leave the bad mood at home and will meet each other pleasantly. If you don’t have anything to say, then don’t say anything, it’s better to keep your lips sealed than saying something that can ruin your evening.

Remember to do something interactive to make your date night more happening and interesting. For god’s sake, not that movie thing again. Make sure you have used this precious time doing something meaningful and you will certainly make this moment special by having a heartfelt conversation.

How To Make Date Nights More Fun?

When both you have agreed to abide by the above-mentioned rules, plan a special evening that both of you will remember for the rest of your lives. Avoid doing those repeated things and indulge in doing something new & fresh. If you are stuck and just don’t have the idea of what to do, then here are 7 clever ways to spice up your date night.

Decide A Venue And Reach Separately

couple meeting

Well, this one is surely fresh. First, decide a place where you both will be meeting and reach that particular place separately. Make sure you pretend like you are meeting for the first time, just like strangers. Male member should approach their lady and buy her a drink, and see where the night will lead you. As for the females, go on and accept the drink offer. I am sure you will get a kick out of acting as complete strangers.

Visit An Unconventional Place

Usually, couples tend to face a bewildering situation when it comes to finalising the venue for their date night. Most of them end up meeting up at restaurants and eating that same old junk food once again. Try and be as creative as you can.

For your date night, you can go someplace new and hip. You can ask your friends and family members, visiting a newly-opened place will surely help. Go on and visit a new venue and get surprised. From visiting thematic restaurants to tree top dining experience, pick from a long list of unconventional options out there and make your night special.

Pick Up An Activity

dance school

How about learning the tango or salsa? Instead of going to that routine late night movie thing, you can surely spice up your evenings by picking up a skill. How about learning some dance moves? You can go to the dancing classes together, once you have learned all those dance moves, you can go to a nice club and surprise everyone with your killer dance moves.

Behave Like Teens

Being youthful is one thing that keeps the relationship alive and keeps the passion burning. Avoid settling into that same monotonous aura of lacklustre, married couple. Instead, spice things up and make things interesting by behaving like teens on your date night. Doing all the things like teens will surely make you feel fresh and it will surely make your date night more special and happening.

Experience A First Together

couple sunrise

Another exciting way of making your date night more exciting is to experience something new together. I am sure there are so many things you haven’t done together even after so many of years of living together. You can start off by doing some basic things ensuring you are doing all these things together. There are so many things in which both of you can engage including – ice skating, road tripping, playing golf, playing darts, and camping. There is a long list of various other things you can think of, make it happen with your sweetheart.

Put Your Gadgets Away

You won’t be able to connect with your partner when you are busy playing with your smartphone or listening to your favourite music, or checking your mails. It is important that on your date night, you have kept all your gadgets away and your focus should be on your partner. Relax and look into each other’s eyes and make sure you hold each other hands as well. Just be in the moment that is all you need to do. This may feel like a simple thing, but trust me this will help strengthen your relationship.

Change The Conversation

It is quite easy to find yourself talking about the same old things on your date night. Even if you have tried doing something different, the conversation quickly returns to same those routine talks or friendly gossips about your friends and relatives.

Make sure you have mixed up topics of your conversation, this will certainly help your partner to see a new light and trust me this is one of the effective ways of relighting the spark. If you feel out of ideas, you can always search the internet, when it comes to searching for the best conversation topics. Jot down your favourite ones and pick any topic without seeing the list. Using the topic, keep the conversation going on for roughly ten minutes, before moving onto another topic.

In order to have additional passion, you can also add naughty topics. If you are having plans of staying at home, then you discuss each other’s fantasies holding a glass of wine.