A few researchers from Michigan State University conducted a study on hygiene maintenance. To their wonder, they discovered that 95% of the participants washed their hands inadequately and did not dry their hands.

As per the doctors, you must dry your hands immediately to prevent bacteria from breeding. The best solution is to install an Xlerator Hand Dryer in your restroom.

Hand dryers are the best alternative to paper towels. As hand dryers consume 30% less energy when in use, leading to less carbon dioxide emissions. Whereas, paper towels and even recycled paper towels consume more energy in production and disposition.

Here are some facts in choosing the best hand dryer.

Easy to Maintain Hygiene

Irrespective of the places, be it home-washroom or public restroom, hygiene becomes a priority. Commonly, people forget to dry their hands when using public restrooms. It is very unhygienic not to dry hands after the wash. Researchers say that wet hands carry more germs and cause infectious diseases.

Paper towels are not the best suitable option because they cause a mess in the loo. Children often dump it in the commode and leave without flushing. This leads to clogging and the spread of more bacteria. Hence, using a hand dryer is the best solution to prevent such menace.

Helps in Cutting Cost

Once you install a hand dryer, there will be a significant reduction in cost. It saves energy and prevents wastage. Saving energy in terms of low power consumption and doesn’t require any waste removal facility. Unlike paper towels, they are also less labor-intensive.

Paper towels require storage, dispenser maintenance, and waste removal facility. All these arrangements increase the cost. But, hand dryers do not require any restocking or frequent cleaning. Once installed, you can use it for years without any high-maintenance.

High Dry Speed

The Xlerator Hand Dryer is the most cost-efficient hand dryer. They considerably reduce carbon emissions and prevent pollution. The dry times range from eight to twelve seconds, with less power consumption.

With such high dry speed, you won’t have to wait for a long time and can easily get rid of moisture. Moisture on hands breeds infectious germs, and only speed-drying can prevent this.

ADA Compliant

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act of, 1990) states that equipment installed in the restroom or any other public place must be ADA compliant. It is to protect the differently-abled people from getting hurt and prevent mishaps. The placement of a hand dryer should be in such a position that a cane can easily locate it.

Also, the hand dryer should be moderately placed so that it does not create a barrier for the people in a wheel-chair. The act specifies all the compliance rules, and every public restroom must adhere to these rules while installing the hand dryer.

Hand dryers are virtually maintenance-free, but they do require yearly maintenance. They do not need any workforce to keep it running. Plus, there is no need for lodging or dislodging of dispenser involved with hand dryers. Hence, they are cost-effective and durable for long-term use.