Earrings are one of the best accessories you can use to enhance the beauty of your face. While they are a pretty small detail when it comes to your look, the fact that they are so near your face can help them accentuate your facial features big time! However, if you pick the wrong earrings for your face shape, you can actually achieve the opposite effect and make your face look unflattering. So, how do you play it safe? Here’s a little guide that will teach you how to always pick the best earrings for your face.

Square face

Girls who rock a wider jaw with their foreheads and jawline at similar widths have a square face. They might want to soften the harder edges of their face, so their ideal solution is to opt for earrings with rounded edges that will soften things up. Circular and hoop earrings also work very well too. When it comes to the length of the piece, it’s best to go medium or long. Any kind of earring with a square and angular shape is best to be avoided – they will only make the squareness more obvious.

Rectangular face

Girls with a long and thin face might want to mask the rectangular shape of their face by emphasizing its width. It’s easiest to do so with short dangling earrings, medium or even large hoops, studs and clustered earrings. It’s best to aim for round earrings which will widen your face and give it that softer and more fuller look. Think dangling earrings with rounded bottoms or any sort of studs – these will look very elegant and help you enhance your best facial features.

Heart-shaped face

If you have a forehead that’s wider than your cheeks with your chin narrowing like a heart, then you have a heart-shaped face. This is a tricky face to classify, so if you need additional help with figuring out your face shape, check out Jewelry Jealousy for their guide on measuring and classifying faces that can help hook you up with your perfect earrings.

Once you establish that your face is heart-shaped, it will be easy to pair it with earrings. Here’s one thing to remember – you want to balance out your sharp chin with the right earrings. The easiest way to do that is to grab some teardrop earrings or larger chandelier earrings. All in all, you want jewelry that’s wider at the bottom to help fill in the bottom of your face.

Inverted triangle face

If your forehead is wider than any other part of your face and your lower portion of the face is ending with a pointy chin, then you have an inverted triangle face. It’s very easy to mix a heart-shaped face with an inverted triangle face, but even though subtle, the difference is there. The heart shape is usually shorter and the face often boasts a little widow’s peak (a V-shaped growth of hair at the center of the forehead).

In order to balance out the pointiness of your chin and the width of your forehead, you can pick earrings that will give your jawline some emphasis. Teardrop earrings will work perfectly well with your face.

Diamond face

If you have strong cheekbones, there’s a great possibility that you have a diamond-shaped face. Most faces like this tend to be a bit longer, with narrow forehead and chin. What would accentuate your beautiful face shape is a pair of sleek dangling earrings with soft edges. As a matter of fact, any longer and free-moving earring will flatter your face beautifully.

Round face

Girls with circular faces usually have wide cheekbones with rounded chins. In order to give your face some length and make it look slimmer, try wearing drop or dangle earrings. Rounded earrings, hoops and buttons will only make your face look rounder, so they are best to be avoided.

Oval face

Is your face shaped like an elongated circle or an egg? If yes, then you’re very lucky, because any model of earrings will fit your facw well. However, triangular earrings or minimalist studs will emphasize your beautiful cheekbones the best. They will either balance your contours or broaden your narrow facial structure—both will make you look amazing.

Don’t neglect your bone structure

Besides your face shape, don’t forget to consider your bone structure as well. For instance, if you have a smaller face with more delicate features, opt for earrings that have thin lines, are flat, fine and delicate. If you opt for something large and chunky, it can completely overpower you. Girls with larger faces and less delicate bone structure (think Oprah or Donatella Versace) can easily pull off chunky jewelry. Medium to large and heavy earrings will look right at home next to their faces.

Now that you have all of these tips at your disposal, it’s time to find a good jewelry store and treat yourself to a new pair of perfect earrings that will match your face and accentuate all your best features!
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