The simplest method of picking great interior paint colors really is just beginning with the specific colors you already know you adore. If you begin your decision-making process with the array of colors you already prefer, then you’re not stuck with using only the conventional color schemes traditionally associated with individual decorating styles. You should already know what your favourite color is, so make it your base color. From there, you can start coming up with an effective color scheme to surround it. If you want a fresh color palette to design an entire room with, then the colors you currently love can be a very successful inspiration.

Discover Inspiration For Paint Colors

If you’re looking for decor inspiration, then catalogues and magazines are mainstays to use. When you lump the Internet in with all the print media, then you have thousands of various pages you use to derive inspiration from. Paint sellers have websites that help you see how colours can work in your home, and retail sites are known for demonstrating potential room vignettes. Instagram and Pinterest are among many social media platforms where you can get real-time inspiration for colors and how to use them in creative design schemes. Pinterest, in particular, is a good place for making your own inspiration boards, which means you can put all of your various ideas in one single spot.

Make Up A Color Scheme By Using Color Theory

You don’t need to go to art school and take a class on color theory, because you can use a small color wheel to come up with good ideas. Color tools like these aren’t costly, and you can use them to come up with possible color schemes with ease. With a simple turn of a wheel, you get to visualize how various colors can associate with one another while you also learn the fundamentals of color theory. It’s unlikely that you’re going to paint your home’s interior with the specific colors the wheel gives you, but you can certainly pick shades of your chosen colors at a paint store.

Neutral Paint Colors Can Be Used Creatively

Even if you pick neutral paint colors, you don’t have to have something laid-back and casual. Employ some creativity in how you use the colors to spruce up or spark a neutral color palette. Painting stripes along a wall with neutral colors lets you simultaneously enjoy a relaxing vibe while having a stylish aesthetic. If you want something soothing yet stylish, consider matching a pastel ceiling with a neutral wall color.

Pick A Paint Color By Using A Print

Starting your creative process with print fabric is a straightforward method of choosing interior paint colors. Anything from table linens to throw pillows can give you ideas for paint colors. If you want to make an accent wall, then look for the boldest print colors. If you want to pick a subtle paint color or something for a bigger room, then look at what colors are in play in the tiniest details of your particular print fabric. If you can, bring a fabric swatch along with you to your favorite paint store so you can pick paint strips you view at home.

Use Artwork For Finding Paint Colors

The secret that many interior designers use for picking colors is just looking at the artwork already hanging in your home. The majority of artists are proven masters of light and color, coming up with high-caliber color schemes in their creative pieces. Pick one piece of art as your favorite, and then choose colors based on that one. Identify complementary colors from that work of art in order to come up with a good color scheme that you like.

Consider A Darker Or Lighter Shade

There are times where the only thing you might need to to find a great interior paint color is making only slight adjustments. If there’s a paint color choice you like but can’t quite get to fit, don’t abandon it immediately. You might work wonders with lighter or darker shades of the very same color. A lot of paint colors show up on paint strips in a scale of gradual shades, but it’s also possible to request your favorite paint store to customize things by specific percentages lighter or darker.

Be Diligent Before You Shop

Picking a great interior paint color is something that will ideally start right in your own home. Before running out to your favorite paint store to get some paper samples, start looking for inspiration with fabric swatches, magazines, and catalogs. This should prevent you from snatching up too many options for paint colors when you first head to the store. Having excessive numbers of options is an early burden you should just avoid if at all possible.

When you start narrowing down your possible choices in paint color, then you can go back to the store to get paint color samples you can try in your home. This particular step is genuinely essential in your hunt for your dream color.

Sample Paint Colors Before Making A Decision

This is one rule that you can not afford to ignore. Always make sure that you properly sample a paint color that you’re thinking about. It would help if you got the color and the texture right the very first time before you commit hours, money, and gallons of paint to a project. Never skip this particular step. If you happen to see the back of your paint store, you’re likely to see whole stacks of cans of paint that other customers returned, just because they didn’t sample the color first. Don’t join that crowd. Also, be sure to calculate just how much paint you’re going to need so that you can avoid waste.

Learn How You Can Flow Color All Throughout Your Home

If you’re going to decorate a small home, using flowing paint color all throughout your set of rooms can create a visual effect of a much larger space. It can also help you instill a soothing vibe throughout your home. A very effective means of employing flowing color throughout your home is picking one neutral paint color to serve as the signature hue. Every room still gets to have accent colors all their own, but you could also just keep similar accent colors just in various amounts for each room. Maintain similar flooring from one room to the next, and think about tying everything together with molding.

Simplify Life With Paint Color Apps

Using an app in your phone or tablet makes it easier than ever to pick a paint color. These apps are far better than they were when they first came out, so if you didn’t like one in the past but it’s been a while, give the app update and a fresh try.

The best paint color apps let you match colors you see or find anywhere in the world, so long as your device’s camera can pick it up. While you might not get specific matches, you’ll at least get suggestions for very similar colors. It would be best if you also got color palettes that are centered around that color, options for sharing these palettes with social media friends, DIY videos, and paint-buying tips.