Beds come in many different sizes, for pets and humans. For those of us that walk on two feet we want a bed that is going to be large enough to fit us from head to toe and be comfortable enough to get a good night’s sleep. The mattresses that go on them are responsible for the comfort level but the beds themselves are what will make a statement in your bedroom.

Here is a list of some of the beds that you can find out in the market these days:

Basic or Sleigh Beds – Styled differently with each one, the concept runs along the same principals. A large headboard, smaller footboard and posts along the sides and sometimes middle for support. These beds are built to last and cover them with good mattresses and you can never go wrong with this style.

Day Bed – This is a basic bed that comes in a twin or a full size. It often has what is called a trundle bed underneath that can pull out and be low to the ground or if the frame is equipped can be raised to match the same level as the main part. They can even be connected together in some cases to make one large bed.

Fold-up bed – If you have ever had to sleep in one of these beds you know how bad they can be. These are what are referred to as the emergency bed and will only be used when there are too many guests and there are no other options. These fold in half for easy storage, which is convenient, but it means a small and light mattress.

Air Beds – These inflatable mattresses are found in many stores all over the world. You can often find them in camping stores and drug stores as well. Simply blow them, preferably with the use of a pump, and you have an instant mattress that is great for simple and short-term needs.

Post Bed – Canopy style beds and royal beds found in the cartoons and old movies are still a popular style of bed that contains four large posts on all corners. They can often be found in little girls’ rooms with lace coverings for that princess feel.

Bunk beds – These classic style beds have been around for decades, saving space and giving everyone a place to sleep. A small ladder climbs to the second bed up top with railing to prevent the sleeper from rolling off the bed. Newer styles will include a smaller bed on the bottom with a desk or bookshelf built in.