If you are traveling to Europe on a budget, you should click here for a list of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe that still give a great time.

Summer is a great time to travel. And for those who love to jump on a plane and see the world, it’s hard to beat the countries of Europe as the top destinations to discover and explore.

Europe is exciting and beautiful, and yet for people traveling on a budget, it can also be expensive. That’s why it’s important to learn some travel tips for keeping costs to a minimum.

In this article, we take a look at some of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe so that you can make your travel budget stretch as far as possible. Keep reading to learn the places that will help keep more cash in your pocket.

1. Romania

When you need to make every dollar count, you’ll definitely want to put Bucharest, Romania on your list of European destinations. The nightlife is great, the surrounding scenery is amazing, and there are plenty of daytime excursions to keep you busy.

2. Greece

Greece is another destination that can be done on the cheap. The key is to avoid pricey tourist traps designed to separate you from your money.

One tip is to avoid sea-view restaurants. Another is to book your hotel in advance.

Greece is a country you’ll quickly fall in love with you, there’s simply no reason to go broke in the process.

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3. Ukraine

Ukraine is another country often overlooked by travelers on a budget. And yet this is a destination with tons of atmosphere and plenty of smaller town and villages that you can spend weeks exploring.

With plenty of great restaurants and shopping, you’ll want to keep coming back year after year.

4. Montenegro

This is truly one of the most spectacular destinations in the world. A prime example of the beauty of Montenegro is the Bay of Kotor, located along the Adriatic coast. This is a country with all the charm and exotic cities of France and Italy, at a fraction of the price.

5. Portugal

This is without a doubt one of the least expensive cities in the world for traveling cheap. And yet it offers some of the best food and shopping anywhere on the planet. Keys cities to explore include Lisbon, Porto, and Funchal.

6. Turkey

Istanbul is an exotic destination where you can eat like royalty for next to nothing. This is a city rich in amazing nightlife and food, and unforgettable art and culture.

7. Estonia

Estonia is a European country located in the Baltics. Tallinn is the small yet beautiful capital city. It’s filled with charming medieval buildings, with streets lined with vendors dressed in old clothing.

Tallinn is also a hub for backpackers due to the fact that it’s an ideal destination for traveling cheap.

The Most Beautiful and Cheapest Countries to Visit in Europe

Looking for the cheapest countries to visit in Europe doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice all the things that make Europe an amazing travel destination. This list will help you make the most of your vacation budget.