The purpose of this practical guide is to guide the consumer in their discovery of products containing CBD. It is regularly updated to assure our readers of its compliance with current British and European legislation, particularly in terms of authorized products.

Nowadays, thanks to the new regulations on CBD, we can easily shop CBD bud online through some of the best websites and CBD oil suppliers on the web.

Besides, CBD (also called Cannabidiol), is the subject of constant research, to highlight its active properties on the body, whether they are beneficial or subject to precautions. Here are giving you the critical information you need to buy CBD oil.

CBD: what is it?

CBD is a non-psychotropic cannabinoid. CBD (or Cannabidiol) is one of the molecules found naturally in hemp and cannabis. Unlike other cannabinoids, such as THC, CBD is not a psychoactive agent. CBD products are, therefore, not cannabis products!

In 2017, the results of a study conducted by the WHO (World Health Organization) demonstrated that CBD does not cause a psychotropic effect or a phenomenon of dependence (physical and mental).

CBD oil is a legal substance

The international scientific community recognizes CBD as having various health benefits. Its inclusion in everyday consumer products (so-called CBD products) is therefore authorized, provided that their use, composition and origin of CBD must strictly follow current legislation. To find out more: the official website of the French authorities

CBD oil effects

Consuming CBD products dispenses a feeling of appeasement, relaxation, relaxation. They can, therefore, act on mood, regulate anxiety linked to stress, for example; also help the body to relax, in case of physical fatigue or aches in particular.

Unlike CBD, THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid that acts directly on the nervous system. It causes psychotropic effects or even a phenomenon of addiction, hence its categorization as a fantastic product on French territory.

CBD and THC: understand their differences

How do CBD and THC interact with the body? Through the endocannabinoid system. It consists of neurotransmitters and two types of receptors, each present in the organs: CB1, associated with the nervous system, and CB2, relating to the immune system. More concretely, not all cannabinoids interfere with the same receptors.

As a result, they do not cause the same effects. It is the case with CBD and THC, which are however part of the molecular composition of the same plant!

Good to know:

  • CBD interacts with CB2 receptors (immune system) while THC interacts with CB1 (nervous system)
  • CBD has an anxiolytic action while THC stimulates anxiety
  • CBD reduces the psychoactive effect of THC thanks to its antipsychotic action

But which are the current CBD products authorized for sale?

CBD oils

Packed in bottles (with pipette and drip) and capsules to swallow, they are distinguished from other CBD products by their ease of use. To be taken orally, respecting the daily dosages indicated by the manufacturer. The relaxing effect of CBD is felt immediately.

E-Liquids to vape

These are liquids for electronic cigarettes. They consist of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin (capable of generating heat and aroma), to which have been added CBD in the form of crystals. Their operation is identical to that of conventional e-liquids: adding flavours (tobacco, vanilla, mint, etc.) and controlling the dosage.

The intensity of the relaxing effect provided by CBD is adjustable according to the consumer’s desires and sensitivity. The range of sensations is wide. Warning: it is recommended to start by vaping low dosages.

CBD crystals

They are part of the composition of e-liquids. Packaged in boxes of 500 to 1000 mg, they resemble icing sugar. It is the purest form of CBD (up to 98% CBD). They are generally consumed combined with an oily base (butter, oil, etc.) or liquid for cosmetic use (creams to be applied to the body, etc.) or food use (to be incorporated into a cooking recipe). To consume pure with moderation.

Legislation and CBD

The use of CBD from hemp varieties registered in the official register is allowed. Their level of THC, a fantastic substance, must be less than 0.2%

  • finished products containing CBD from varieties registered in the official register
  • finished products containing CBD guaranteed 0% THC

The CBD oil effects

The international scientific community has known for many years, the therapeutic benefits of CBD when it is applied to medicine. Its analgesic, anti-inflammatory or antispasmodic action, among others, make it a drug compound of choice, especially in the treatment of pain. There are therefore some CBD-based drugs such as Sativex, the only cannabis-based drug distributed in France today.

Of course, the distribution of CBD products for therapeutic purposes is strictly reserved for pharmaceutical exercise, and it will surely take some time before these are distributed in pharmacies on a national scale.

Buy CBD oil online

Many CBD suppliers have an equivalent e-shop offering users to buy Cannabidiol on the internet and have it delivered to their home.

We highly recommend to order your CBD online with recognized companies and CBD suppliers, such as JustBob, to be sure to have high-quality products and the best prices.

Beware, however, of foreign websites that may distribute products that are not authorized in France. Prefer a recognized official French dealer. Note that most online stores offer secure and discreet shipping solutions.