Game designing is a professional discipline that involves conceptualization, ideation, designing of game architecture. They research and analyze the target audience to understand them, their preferences, their psychology, etc., which will then not only form the basis of a feasibility study but also facilitate the development of the game on parameters that will ensure success by offering an immersive experience to the customer. Additionally, they collaborate with teams to manage the financial aspects & technological aspects, storyline, designing of levels, puzzles, characters, visual and sound engineering, etc.

Furthermore, they must have the pulse of the market, the ensuing trends as well as the technological enhancements- augmented reality and AI, to be relevant to the market. Game designers must make sure that the game is developed using a language that is open for use on varied platforms.

Gaming Industry

  • As per the BCG-Sequoia India report, “The gaming industry in India has seen a growth of almost 40% in 2019-20 and generated US$ 1.5 billion in net revenue during this period. This is estimated to triple and reach US $5Billion by 2025
  • As per the e-sports and skill gaming platform, Mobile Premier League (MPL), in 2021 there has been a significant rise in the number of online gamers in India’s tier-III cities and towns. The top 30 cities reported up to 170% more gamers when compared to 2020. By 2022, the industry is poised to touch 510 million gamers.
  • At a global level, by 2026 it is predicted that the gaming market will reach USD 314.40 billion.

Skills required

  • Obsessed with gaming
  • Imaginative as well as creative skills to visualize unique concepts
  • Knowledge of varied gaming platforms as well as technologies including AI and augmented reality
  • Inclination towards coding and graphics
  • Attention to minutest of details
  • Networking & Interpersonal skills to collaborate with stakeholders as well as teams from various departments
  • Able to handle pressure so as to meet deadlines

Game Designing colleges in India

There are numerous colleges in India offering Game designing as a course; however, students must deliberate on the following while selecting the right college:

  • Online Student Interaction: Regular interaction with faculty, mentors as well as career guides must be organized regularly. They, not only, Take you through the curriculum but also will inform you about varied workshops as well as available courses in order to enhance your skills. Furthermore, such interactions will also enlighten students about supplementary courses that will enhance their competencies.
  • Participation in Competitions: The students must be motivated by the college to participate in various domestic as well as international level competitions. Any win will inspire both students as well as college faculty to perform better in addition to the formation of a strong bond.
  • Awards & Rewards: Awards are an acknowledgment of the efforts put in by the college in pursuance of excellence. Ensure that the chosen college has won many accolades for its efforts in varied categories:
    • Online Learning Excellence for Academic Digitization
    • Media & Entertainment Skill Council acknowledging the campus as “Centre of Excellence”
    • Award received from ASSOCHAM for efforts in Design, consecutively for 6 years–“Best Design Institute in India (2016-21)”
    • Recognition to college as an Authorized World Skills Training Centre”
    • In 2021, FICCI has awarded the college for Excellence in Creative Arts