There are a lot of great things about receiving a degree from Excelsior College. The flexibility, affordable tuition and variety of programs are a lot to be grateful for. But probably the most exciting thing about attending any college is what comes next. Before they even get started, most students want to know what they can do with their degrees and what exciting new adventures await them at the end. It’s never too early to explore the world of possibilities that will open up to you once you’ve completed your education.


If you received a degree in one of the areas of healthcare offered by Excelsior College, you’re probably gearing up for a life of service. Healthcare is a field where jobs are plentiful and salaries are above average. Nursing, for example, is one of the highest paying professions you can have with less than a four-year degree. The average pay varies between states, but most command a salary of more than $60,000 a year. And these wages only get higher the longer you’re in the profession.

Aside from nursing, there are plenty of other healthcare careers you can pursue. Many people love the field, but don’t feel cut out for the duties involved with patient care. These people might get a degree in healthcare administration, health sciences, or even something like accounting. Healthcare is a multifaceted industry that requires managers, financial experts, technicians, and many other types of professionals. A good place to find companies to work for is a health information exchange organization.


Technology is another growing field that will likely always have plenty of job openings. And with a degree from Excelsior College, you won’t have any trouble finding the right one for you. It’s also another field with a wide array of job types. For example, you might become a web designer, IT manager, software developer, database administrator, or cybersecurity expert. The choice usually just depends on your specialization and particular interests.

One of the biggest perks with a career in technology is the salary. Because it is such an in-demand field, you’re likely to command six figure wages with most jobs. But even the ones that pay lower than that are well above the national average. Computer support specialists, for example, usually bring in around $60,000 a year, and computer programmers start out around $80,000. But the great thing about these jobs is you can usually start out with just an associate’s degree or certificate.


A degree in business from Excelsior College can open doors for you in almost any industry. While some may consider the idea of studying business topics, others thrive in these courses and realize just how flexible their career paths can be. There are many specializations within the area of business, including accounting, finance, economics, and management. But it can also be an entry-level degree for the pursuit of a master’s or doctorate, even in another subject. JD (Doctor of Jurisprudence) and sometimes medical degrees can start with an undergraduate business foundation.

You don’t have to pursue graduate studies to put your business degree to use. You could easily find yourself in an exciting career field with just your bachelor’s. Banking, accounting, hospital administration, and retail management are all popular careers for business majors. But there’s no need to limit yourself if you have different interests. After all, all companies have need of people well-versed in all areas of business.