Teachers work hard to help you figure out what you want to do with your life, starting as early as middle school. Even though you may only be in the early years of your life, teachers will put a heavy emphasis on the career you’ll have when you become an adult.

This will result in you taking classes that cover certain topics like psychology or anatomy when you reach high school.

Next, you’ll either head off to a college of your choice or avoid it altogether for another option.

The career that you actually get and the one that you chose so many years ago may not be the same. As time passes, people go through changes, and their thoughts about their career can vary. You may decide that the career you wanted to pursue in middle school or college isn’t what you want as an adult, and that’s perfectly fine, as many people come to this conclusion at different points in their life.

If this happens to you, don’t worry too much about it.

You might discover a new passion later in life, and you can switch your career if you desire. There are personality and career-based tests that you can use for help.

Even if you have little to no work experience, you can still take one of these tests. The results may shock and amaze you.

1. Self-directed Search

There are so many paths you can take in life, and you can live your dreams if you take a path that results in a career that you love.

When using the Self-Directed Search test, you’ll find lots of options. Rather than going with traditional questions and answers, the test gives questions and sorts them by category. Each answer you give will go into three distinct categories: realistic, artistic, and social. Based on the answers you provided, you’ll be given a set of jobs for each category.

The typical career and personality test is much different from this. You should give the test a chance because you may be able to find options that aren’t available elsewhere.

2. Who am I?

This test also differs from the traditional test. Career takes a backseat with this test, as your personality is the main focus. The name of the test gives away its purpose, as it helps you learn more about yourself, including all of the hidden truths that you don’t realize. It’s quite interesting and has a DNA-like structure.

It’s easy to do the test. All you have to do is look at some pictures and choose one that you identify with the most. This strategy, while simple, can make you happy and enlightened.

3. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

This test is probably one of the most important personality tests that you’ll ever face. It’s often used by companies to figure out the personalities of employees and to learn about their overall abilities as a competent worker.

While the test can be a bit difficult, the results are seen as highly accurate and lack a superficial approach of some other test. The test takes a hard look at your motivation and goes in-depth to figure out what actions you will take. At some point, you’ll probably run into this test and its many layers. There is an online version of the test that you can take for free. If you want to get it taken from a certified administrator, you can have a MBTI assessment done.

4. Pymetrics

Think about a scenario where you’re interviewing for a job. As you arrive for the interview, an HR associate appears and tells you that he will administer a Pymetrics test.

You might not have heard of this test before, but you’ll be at ease knowing that it’s a test to discover your personality and working habits. Your skills as a problem solver will be tested using mind games.

It must be shocking to learn that this is what is done on a Pymetircs test.

You’ll be faced with some games and puzzles that will challenge your mind. Compared to the usual personality test that involves questions and answers, this is a fairly unique method of learning about you.

5. Career Strengths Test

The focus of this test is on skills related to your career, making a quite valuable. Instead of going with questions about work habits, it keeps things interesting by seeing how well you perform in certain areas related to jobs. Your skills as a leader, your ability to perform inductive reasoning, and your ability to visualize are all taken into account with this test. The results will show you which skills are your strongest.

Many jobs that focus on your strongest skills will appear when you’ve got the test results. You might be surprised to learn that you have some hidden skills.

6. The Big Five Personality Test

Can you handle working in a setting where you aren’t alone? This personality test is just what you need to know well you can work with others.

The goal of the Big Five Personality Test is to test your communication levels and learn how you work. This is a test where the results shouldn’t be taken lightly, as it can have a direct effect on the kind of work environment you’ll have. You’ll learn if you’re a person who favours being alone and should get a job where you are, or if you prefer to work with other and should get a job where you have to do a lot of communicating.

This is an excellent test for your career and personality, regardless of the results you get.

7. Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator

The RHETI test, which is not the same as the MBTI test, brings your archetype into focus.

You’ll be put into different categories based on your answers. A reformer, an achiever, and an enthusiast are the ways you might be identified.

By taking the test, you’ll be able to make changes figure out where you can best operate. You’ll see which areas you need to improve on based on low scores, and how well you can work in a setting with other people.

8. MAPP Career Assessment Test

This test is a big indicator for personalities and jobs, second to only the Myers-Briggs test in its importance.

The worth of this test derives from the many results that can be received from it. Your reasoning methods or your preferred method for completing tasks can be determined from the test results.

You’re likely to find a job that you’ll be great at when you take most of these tests, and the MAPP test is no different. You’ll get a better idea of the jobs that you’ll need to purse when you take this test, making it one that you shouldn’t avoid.

Finding a career that is just right for you can be a difficult task. When you take these tests, you’ll be able to see which jobs are made for you. You may have to spend a little money to take some of the tests, and they may take a bit of your time, but since they’ll be used to aid you on your career search, they’re worth it. Getting to the job that you will love and the career that you adore can be made possible with these tests.