Most websites have reviews, but that doesn’t always mean they can be trusted. In fact, some websites hire people to leave positive reviews to make their services or products look better. Luckily, that’s not the case with It is a brand new kind of custom writing website service that thrives on honesty.

On, only customers and writers are able to leave reviews. This means that only the people who actually use the website can leave reviews – not just anyone. Customers leave reviews for the freelance writers they hire, and freelance writers leave reviews for the customers they write for. This means that both people who are looking for work to be done, and people looking for customers to write for, can both be helped by the reviews.

What are Writer Reviews Like? writer reviewAll of the assignments written on, everything some short and cheap essays to complicated dissertations, are all written by freelance writers. Their career thrives off of good reviews. For this reason, they are encouraged to put out their best work so they can earn good reviews.

A review for a writer is made up of two basic parts that the customer fills out: a star-based rating (out of ten stars) and a written review by the customer. Sometimes the review is as simple as “Great job!” while others are encouraging and say things like, “My writer was great! I would hire them again!”

Other information included in the writer’s review, which students don’t need to fill out, includes the type of assignment that was completed, the number of pages it was, the topic, the number of projects the writer has worked on, and their overall rating from both their most recent project and an average of all of their projects.

Future customers can use these reviews to pick a writer that fits them well. By looking at the projects writers have completed in the past, customers can see what the writer is used to writing. They can also make sure that they are not simply purchasing a bad cheap paper from a writer with a low rating.

What are Customer Reviews Like?

Customers’ reviews are much simpler than a writer’s review. This is because customers are not given a profile page where their information is stored. Instead, writers write a sentence or two about what it was like to work for a specific customer.

This feature is great for writers who do not want to work for harsh customers. Writers can leave reviews saying something like, “He left easy to follow instructions that made writing a breeze” to compliment a good customer. They could also write something like, “His instructions made no sense at all and he lashed out when I didn’t understand them,” to warn writers not to work with a confusing customer.

With reviews that only writers and customers can compose, students can be sure that the testimonials are believable. Once they order a custom essay from, they can even leave a review of their own. customer-reviews