Lately, timeshares are having a rough go with customers that bought into the service. On the surface, there are endless benefits to joining the program. But when you get to the uglier side of timeshares, things hit just a little bit different.

An Exotic Getaway

It’s no surprise that some of the most marketed timeshares are in Mexico. That is one of the reasons Mexico Timeshare Cancellation is at an all-time high. As one of the top destinations, it has been hit with quality concerns and scams. This all gets mixed in with the legitimate timeshares and leads to a complicated mess for first time timeshare buyers. While experienced buyers and agents can navigate this minefield, others have to play a guessing game with their money. Once a bad timeshare is rooted out, it’s important to attack them in their wallet.

The Promises

On paper, timeshares sound like the sweetest deal in the world. In some situations, they are actually a great experience. The pros of a timeshare start with spending less money for an expensive location. This by itself is worth the money for individuals or families that do a lot of vacationing. You own the rights to the property, and in some cases can even reserve specific times throughout the year. The biggest benefit comes when you dabble into timeshare services that offer points or different multiple locations for a single rate.

When Bad Things Happen

With all of the promises out of the way, what happens when you have to deal with a shady timeshare company? Annual fees are expected, but there are clauses in the contract that are convoluted to the normal eye. This leads to situations where a timeshare company can weasel out of promises while hiding behind their thin contract. Instead of planning a vacation, you are out of a place to stay, and in some situations out of additional fees.

Timeshare cancellation is another issue where the offending company will make exiting the contract as hard as possible. Without following their strict requirements, you will never be able to get out of the contract. This has led to companies milking thousands of dollars from innocent consumers.


Getting defrauded out of your money means you should strike back with a lawyer. Most timeshare companies don’t want to be sued, so the threat of a lawsuit will usually give them a sudden moment of clarity. Even with an arbitration clause in your timeshare contract, they are still liable for damages. As states begin to crack down on shady timeshares, consumers are becoming more aware of their personal rights. When bad practices from a timeshare company take your money, the law is firmly on your side. The only way for the company to win is for you to ignore their abuse of power.

It’s Your Money

Fighting for your money is something that should never come with a hint of hesitation. When a company makes a promise, there are laws in place to make sure they follow through. Make the right decision, and don’t let bad timeshares ruin your experience.