Sex toys were kept in the dark for a long time. I mean this both literally and figuratively. Women who have experimented with the use of various little gadgets have done that in the privacy of their own bedroom with the lights off and sheets on. Vibrators, dildos and other tools have been their little secret for a long time, which is a shame since both genders can benefit from these toys as explained on this site.

As the world progressed, women became more open about their alone time in the bedroom. They learned that this is nothing to be ashamed of and that these toys are not only healthy for them, but they are also the perfect way of exploring their sexuality and learning the limits of their comfort. Becoming aware of your likes and dislikes is the first step towards a great sexual experience.

Men, on the other hand, have realized that these toys aren’t going to replace the real deal any time soon and that they are not a personal attack on their manhood and their skills. There was a time when a man would get angry at catching his girlfriend or wife “in the act”, using a vibrator or a different toy. He would get offended and feel like he had been cheated on. Luckily, those times are gone.

Nowadays, a man is more likely to join in on the fun. Sexuality is no longer as straightforward as “gay or straight”, and every gender is allowed to experiment with sex tools and devices as they see fit. The most important thing is they are experimenting in couples, or even groups, depending on people’s personal preferences.

In other words, everyone should own a toy or two:

This raises an important question. Are these toys the path towards destroying a relationship, as it was long thought, or are they a nice addition to anyone’s bedroom, even more so to serve the cause of strengthening the relationship? I’d say it is the latter one. In order to get to the bottom of this, here are a few reasons why using women’s sex devices together with a partner, or partners, can actually make the bond between them stronger.

Exploring Is Hot

Trying out new things with your partner can be really hot when you are doing it the right way. The right way, of course, means that you are deciding on what you should try out together, rather than imposing your wishes on the other person. This opens your mind to new ways you can both enjoy yourselves and the act of exploring those ways together will create a stronger bond.

Ladies, bring out all the tools you have been hiding and tell your partner what you like to do with them. Additionally, let them make their own moves and watch how your body reacts. Both men and women can enjoy the pleasures of various toys and exploring those pleasures together is not only hot but also great for your overall relationship.

Orgasms Get More Intense

According to Sex Toy Education, high-quality sex toys lead to better and even multiple orgasms. Given that you are used to using them on your own, you will know exactly what works for you and what doesn’t. Imagine your partner watching you using a vibrator, for example.

First of all, they are bound to start masturbating themselves, and doing it together can be really arousing. Secondly, watching you playing with yourself using that toy can help men figure out what it is that really gets you going. Simple finger play can never offer them this insight. The goal is, of course, to use that insight and give you the best orgasm. For an even greater pleasure, you might want to use the real flesh and the additional tool combined that is bound to lead to multiple orgasms.

Stigma Is For The Weak

Lastly, by engaging in carnal activities with your partner and adding toys to the mix, you are getting rid of any stigma attached to sex. This means that you and the other person or persons involved will become more open about your wishes which leads to greater confidence and, ultimately, to a much, much better sex. Can you dare tell me you don’t want better sex?