When your child’s birthday approaches, you want to make sure you get them something that will be loved, but also not break the bank. Looking for items that are age appropriate can also help you to find the ideal gift that they will be able to use.

With all the ups and downs the country has faced over the last year, it can also be good to look to the future and plan a great birthday for your child. While you may have been tested during these times, your child might also have felt the strain, so a wonderful birthday can be a great way to unwind and bring back some normality and enjoyment into life.


A present for a toddler may only last them a short amount of time, as they are ever changing and growing, which is why it may be better to not spend an overly large amount of money. Looking for gifts for girls age 2 from Wicked Uncle can help you to filter products by age, making sure you don’t get lost in products that would not be suitable for your child. You can also find something that is within a reasonable price range. It is always wise to take your toddler’s individual traits into account as, even at this young age, they may prefer certain toys over others.

Children Between 4-12 years old

As your child grows, they may start to ask for more expensive items. If this is within your budget, you may want to consider getting the desired gift in question, or even offering to put money towards it. When shopping for large-scale items, such as games consoles, it can be worth considering the type of games available on each, and even which product is better, alongside your child’s preference. This can help to reduce the likelihood of the item being played with a few times and then left to gather dust and take up unnecessary space.

Teens and Adult Children

When your child grows into a teenager and then an adult, you may still want to celebrate their birthday. At this point, they may have gained more independence, and not want a traditional party or toy gift, especially if they live on their own or are about to fly the nest to go onto further education. Due to this, it might be more beneficial to get them vouchers or gift cards for homewares, to allow them to get the necessary equipment that will allow them to live alone and not need to rely on takeout meals or need to find the money themselves for essentials. While these may not be seen as a fun gift, supporting your adult child in making their own way in the world can make a real difference.

No matter the age of your offspring, buying a birthday gift should be something that is carefully planned. If you need to use credit cards or financing to be able to get a gift, you might need to reconsider, as some of the best gifts are about the love put in, not the money spent.