One of the most expensive things in the world is probably the house, and then comes the college education and a car. These would be the biggest purchases that you would make your entire life. Of course, unless you skip the whole college part in your life and move on towards a job. Well, but you definitely cannot skip getting a car, especially if you live in a city where public transportation is not available easily.

You probably can’t negotiate your college fee payments, or buying a fixed price house, but you may be able to get better deals when purchasing a car.

Although it is a stress causing, anxiety inducing experience, most of us are unaware as to how we should negotiate when it comes to buying a new car. Or just getting a deal that is better and more reasonable.

If you are aware of how used car dealership work, you will know how to get the best deals. In this article we will tell you how to get the best deals from a used car dealership.


When it comes to negotiating when buying a new car, you should have the knowledge before doing so. Considering a car business dealer, they have the most information compared to you, hence you need to do your part of the search as well.

Use your common sense, whenever a person enters the store and talks about his preferences as to which car he prefers and what his priorities are etc. But, the salesman, no matter how much information he would have, he will never help out. Obviously, why would they put their own company into loss by helping the buyers? So, who would benefit here? The one who is selling the vehicle of course.

Therefore, to take your own benefit you need to take care of two things.

1. Keep your cards close and don’t let them find out what you want and how much you will be willing to spend.
2. Get enough information as you want before entering the dealership, related to the car that you are looking forward towards purchasing.

How to negotiate?

Get a car that is at least two years old

Why should you get a car that is two years old and not younger and older? That is because they are new enough, look nice enough and wouldn’t have a lot of problems. More than that, the prices of cars drop to more than fifty percent compared to their original sticker price after two years pass by. Isn’t that a good bargain?

Read the annual auto issue reports by the consumers

These reports come out every year during the month of April and have a section that provides all the important information about used cars. For instance, cars that are most reliable and least reliable, the frequency of repair records of the recent models etc, this will enable you to create a list of cars that you would want to purchase.