Creation of a new app requires long time and great efforts. Considering this fact all app developers try to reach top positions in app markets as soon as possible. However to be in the top of category application needs about 20-30 thousands of installs per day. Even despite this many of them are ready to pay too high a cost to increase their ranking. But actually there is a much easier and more effective promotion method by keywords. Promoting apps with keywords helps to save a significant part of the budget but at the same time the results will be immediate. You will be able to check the efficiency of such promotion from the first days. So, let’s have a look on how it works.

Does incentive keyword installs influence ranking?

There is not any app developer who does not want to become successful and see his app at the highest positions of markets. However even such strength will not always help them to get what they desire. expertise showed that 47 percent of them do not know how to get the best results of the promotion campaign.

The influence of incentive or motivated installs is widely discussed. It means that of course there are a lot of misconceptions connected with it. The most common among them are: all incentive installs are made by bots and it does not give rising in ranks; keyword promotion does not have any impact on your position by keyword. We are here to describe the effectiveness of incentive keyword promotion and to show how you can get installs directly from the market search.

Main stages of promotion by keywords

The first and the most important part of such marketing is picking the most suitable keywords. So, with what to start, how among all the words and phrases that can be used to describe your app to choose the most relevant ones? If your app already had traffic from organic users, so it was searched by some particular words and phrases. To check which ones exactly they were you need to go to your Search Console and at the acquisition report look for keywords that were used.

Right after that you should pick words and phrases with the highest conversion into installs and make a list of them. Exactly these keywords you will need for concentrated promotion. They have been already recognized by users as the most relevant ones, so all you need is just to follow their choice. Next step is to group and to analyse them by their positions. Have no idea how to do it, go to site and check for free.

When you find all keywords and choose which of them you want to promote, the promotion process can start. After we get a new order it appears on our platform with detailed information about it. So, our employees can see and perform it. Thus, you always can ask for a list of device IDs by what it was done.

How much will it cost to get to the top?

Before counting the total price of a promotion campaign we need to understand what number of installs per each keyword is needed. That depends on different factors: starting from the category of application to whether your app fits to market algorithms requirements. statistics show that sometimes only 20$ are enough to fix an app at the top position in just 5-7 days. So, let’s analyze how it is calculated.

Usually we recommend our clients to start with a short promotion campaign. That will take not longer than 2-3 days. During it each keyword gets 10-15 incentive installs. Even in such a short time you will notice which keywords are more suitable for further promotion and which ones require more efforts to reach top positions. Keywords that get 30-50 positions up during such promotion are less competitive. Such words and phrases will easily get to the top in just 5-7 days. However, there also will be more competitive search requests. To boost them in market ranking will take much more time. Sometimes it may take up to 3 weeks with hundreds installs per campaign. Grounding on all these basic rules you can count how much incentive installs promotion will cost.

Upgrading app store for faster promotion

Great quality of your app store is as important as a successful promotion campaign. Firstly, improving texts of your app according to market algorithms will make it rise in ranking. Correctly made improvements will help you to save a considerable part of investments and get to the top positions 50-70 % faster. Secondly, a well-formed app page will attract more organic traffic. Texts that include correctly written keywords, colorful icons and screenshots will get better feedback from real users. Below we will explain which four components of the app store should be improved.

  1. Optimization of any app store starts from keyword analysis. Find what words and phrases are in your description and titles now and compare them with keywords that are promoted. Check how they are written, if they are easy to understand at once.
  2. Then you can move to another but not the less important part. Creation of interesting and exciting description will for sure take some time but that will introduce organic users to all the options of your app.
  3. Clickable and attractive icons are obligatory for top position apps. When the app is already fixed at the top the main is to stay there for long and to get a high number of organic installs. Icon of your app is the first thing that all users will see and what can persuade them that your app is better than others.
  4. One more important stage of improvements is well-done screenshots that show your app from the best side. Also you can use keywords on screenshots that will draw even more attention.

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