Whether you’ve got a large home or a small one, or you’re building such a property, there are ways to increase property value and decrease living expense while helping the environment. Turning your home greener can be a great step. You can install a 3.2 kWh solar energy system for $5k or less, provided you do some of the installation work.

Such a solar energy system will increase property value between $10k and $20k depending on the state you reside in. Additionally, many states offer tax breaks for such “green” home augmentation. With some properties, you could very conceivably double property value.

Consider a tiny home built for $20k with around 400 feet of floor space. If you basically covered most of the roof with solar panels, you could easily fit a 3.2 kWh system atop even a very small home. Essentially, this makes the house independent of the energy grid. Larger homes may require more power, and there are likely going to be some things a tiny home would also need more power for; but you’d still get the tax break and the property value hike, and you’d definitely see utility costs become reduced.

A home worth $20k could become worth $40k. If you built a tiny home for $20k, then added panels, you could sell it for a $15k profit. Do the whole thing in three months, you just made $5k a month. Certainly, this is over-simplified, but you get the idea: certain eco-friendly augmentations are really worth considering.

Garnishing Your Property

Additionally, there are a number of other measures you can take to increase property value while reducing costs of production or refurbishment. Sometimes a few simple light fixtures may be all you need to get a better listing.

For example, LanternAndScroll.com offers a copper hanging light, as well as many other fixtures made to order and shipped expediently lights are made to order and are shipped within 6 to 8 weeks. Such fixtures lend elegance and style to a property that is considerable.

Think of it this way: if you eat a meal without any style to its presentation, you may enjoy it; but you wouldn’t pay as much for it. A well-presented meal with proper garnish and care put into its visual appeal can sell for twice as much easily—even if it’s the same meal. Think of light fixtures at entry gates or foyers of your property as property garnish.

Using The Latest Techniques

Something else that makes sense in conserving resources used in building or refurbishing property involves incorporating the latest available construction solutions defining the market.

Working with established equipment distributors like ICON is recommendable. Once you’ve determined how big the property you’re building will be, and what kind of cost-saving strategies you can bring to the fore, you next want to “err on the side of caution”, as the saying goes. Virtually no building project—except for a number headed by Donald Trump—comes in under-budget.

Pragmatic Considerations

The majority of builds take longer than expected, and are more costly than expected. So if you’ve timed out a build to three months, call it five and you’ll come in earlier than you expected. If the total cost is estimated to be $50k, expect it to cost $80k. Obviously you can reduce these costs with the right methods, tools, and tax breaks; but before you’ve got a viable property, you can’t count on those things.

So whether you’re building a large home or a tiny home, you need to err on the side of caution. Do so, and you’ll likely be able to come in far under budget, and within the time frame you expect.