Staying extra cool and comfortable during the summer season is more than just turning on the air conditioner or drinking your favorite lemonade juice drink. There are also a handful of cost-friendly ways that you can try to keep the effects of extreme heat at bay. Here are 5 budget-friendly ways to keep yourself cool and fresh during the summer season.

1. Open your windows and draw the curtains in

A budget-friendly way to keep your home cool is by opening all of the windows and drawing the curtains in. This is a sure way to regulate air flow inside the space and make sure it passes through every corner of your home. Apart from the windows and the curtains, keeping doors open should help in giving additional cool to your rooms. The best part? Doing these hacks won’t cause you a single cent!

2. Find your home’s coolest spot and build a cozy spot in it

Call it a weird phenomenon or a purely scientific coincidence, every home has a spot that seems immune to any heat and humidity. From a random spot in your brother’s closet, the laundry area in the basement or your home’s living room, these “cool” places can bring you instant comfort and relief amid the sweltering heat of the sun. Once you find your home’s coolest spot, try building a fort made out of sheets and pillows or a makeshift workstation in it. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that you will stay extra cool while watching your favorite movie or making that business presentation.

3. Maximize your electric fan over the air conditioner

Another budget-friendly way to stay cool over the course of the summer season is to use the electric fan during day and night. Since air conditioners tend to consume more power and energy, using the AC regularly can only result in higher electricity bills during the dry weather. Not only that, AC machines often suffer from summer-related problems such as the aircon not blowing cold air, leaking water and breaking down altogether. With an electric fan, you’re consuming less power while also getting cool air day in, day out.

4. Wear light-colored clothes while at home

While a lot of people tend to wear lighter clothes during the summer season, some still make the big mistake of wearing black, red or any dark-colored fabrics at home. When you wear these heavy-colored fabrics, heat is more likely to be absorbed by the clothes. The result? Sweat, sweat and a lot of sweat! That is why it’s important to switch to white, beige or any light-colored fabrics once the dry weather kicks in. They can keep you extra cool, crisp and refreshed more than any color will.

5. Turn off the lights as much as possible

A great way to save money and stay extra cool during the summer season is to refrain from using the lights as much as possible. As an alternative, use natural light to illuminate every room and corner at home. When night-time arrives, try to use only one or two sources of light. The weather is already hot as it is, no need to turn up your home’s imaginary heat thermostat some more!