Are you planning a birthday party surprise for your loved one, a colleague or a friend, or just thinking of a unique way to celebrate your upcoming birthday? Maybe you should consider holding a birthday party on a bus.

From a small gathering to a bigger event, you don’t need to break a bank to throw an unforgettable party. You can throw an unmatched travel birthday experience with your closest friends on a budget and still crush it.

Here is how you can make it all happen.

Pick an Affordable Ride

Picking the right party ride can set the tone for the whole adventure. If you want to create a legendary bash, going for cheap party bus rentals is an epic way to achieve that. With the right party bus, you can make a perfect grand statement that will leave everyone talking.

Different party bus companies have a selection of fleets from buses that can hold ten people to ones that can hold 44 guests or anything in between. Your choice will depend on the number of people you’ll bring along.

Choose a party bus with the right interior detailing and amenities. Most coaches have the side face-to-face seating that allows the guests to chat, laugh, and have fun while on the move.

The party bus is perfect for any group, including kids, students, bachelorettes, teens, and even seniors. Most party buses have chauffer services that offer you a great way to have fun without having to slow the party down or worry about driving. This ensures that everyone enjoys having a great time and gets to their home safely.

When using a party bus, you can customize your itinerary to include stops in several spots around the city where you can meet up there with your buddies. You can also enjoy a stopover at a bar, grab a bite in your favorite diner, do shopping, and when you get tired, hop back into the bus and rest while the chauffeur gives you a safe ride back home.

Here is what to look out for when hiring the right bus:

  • Even if you want a cheap bus, don’t compromise on quality
  • Check insurances, licenses, and understand the company policies to avoid possible legal issues
  • Make a booking a few days in advance and get the guarantee that you will get the bus you’ve booked
  • Make a checklist of what you want and all the inclusions in the party bus rental packages you are going to get.

Keep your guest list small

One of the ways to cut down the cost of the party is to keep your invites minimal. Having the entire class or soccer team roster join you is an incredible idea – but expensive.
Remember, the bigger the number, the larger the budget. Limit your guest list to a manageable number by inviting your closest pals only.

Send Digital Invitations

Invitations don’t have to be print-outs that cost you an arm and a leg. In this digital era, you can spend $0 making invitations. Going paperless is one of the best ways to save money. You can send them text messages or send out the invites online via email.

Make Use of the Free Decor Ideas

You don’t have to waste money on décor or hop to a local party store to buy expensive decorations. There are several ways to get them for free. Consider using simple DIY decor. With a simple fix, some stuff you have at home could become spectacular pieces of decor.

Set aside time to search for free printables around the web. For example, Pinterest has plenty of free printables up for grabs.

Notify the bus company when you’ll decorate the party bus. Then, consider adding some balloons, banners, and flowers from a vendor of your choice. Some party buses have event planners that can offer a hand at a small or no extra cost. You can make use of them.

Create Theme Attires from What you Already Have

Picking out a theme adds a lot more fun to the event. For children, you can let them pick their themes like a superhero or princess theme. Try to encourage the kids to choose the theme that can utilize the stuff that you already have to cut on cost. This ensures that you don’t spend a lot buying the special gear at the stores.

Bring your Own Stuff

Another incredible way to throw a budget-friendly birthday travel party is to bring your stuff. If you bring your music or DVDs, drinks, water, snacks, and cake, then you will save more.

Most buses have the option of turning the music on and plenty of headroom dance to spice things up a little. However, you can consider playing music with your smartphone music apps like iHeartRadio or Pandora apps to entertain the guests to cut on the music budget. This can even allow you to tailor it to your mood and set the tone.

Most bus companies also offer a complimentary beverage bar stocked with all your favorites drinks like vodka, bourbon, champagne, sodas, and even orange juice. Bringing your drinks will reduce the cost of the party significantly.


Hosting an exhilarating birthday party with friends on a bus can help you unwind after a hectic season. Find ways to get creative with good food, great music, and fantastic decor to create a memorable day.