So you are organizing a buck’s party in Melbourne? You are looking for excitement, fun, and memorable party ideas that will leave the boys amazed by your planning skills.

We all know about the ladies’ night out buck’s party which involves a lot of drinking and spending the night in a bar. If this isn’t something of your taste and you don’t want to be tacky, various other ideas are waiting right for you.

Melbourne has a lot more things to do when it comes to a buck’s party, so here are some of the fun ideas.

Buck whiskey tasting in Melbourne

Head to a classy bar and partake in a fancy whiskey tasting hosted by top hospitality. You’ll be entertained by the waitresses all your evening and you can also improve your knowledge about the bucks night. What more do you want from a bucks party?

Pub and brewery tours

When you are the head of the party, your boys trust you. You are the one responsible for your best friend’s last best evening, and you need to ensure that you make the party hit. Get the cider, beer, spirit, and delicious food along with the experience you and your boys will never forget.

Bucks party bus

As long as there’s a bucks night in Melbourne, there have been bar crawls. The cool bus will take you all over Melbourne where you can enjoy yourself on the road. The bus will take you to different bars, strip clubs, and even a usual club.

The best thing is the party never stops and keeps going. When you finish with first place, get on the bus and head towards another. The party bus ensures that young boys have the best time of their life.

Semi-naked waitresses in the bar

If you check bucks party ideas and go with this one, you will never forget this in your entire life. No party is complete without seeing a naked hot waitress entertaining. Melbourne is the home of some hottest chicks on the planet and what can be better than getting a guy with a waitress who is enjoying his singlehood this way?

This will always be the night to remember, get the drinks in your hand, food on your plate, and smile on your face and get going. What are you waiting for? This is the thing to do now!

Bucks party golf ideas

There’s not much that beats a day on the course with your mates unless you grab the beers. If your friend is a lot more in sports, especially golf, this is the thing to do. Ask your friends to surprise him with a golf package along with the beer where all of you could indulge in a golf session.

Consult with the groom about your plans; after all, it’s his last day of singlehood. The last thing you’d want is to plan everything out that the groom itself hates. With that said, any of the ideas mentioned above makes the epic bucks party! Go ahead and have fun.