Do you smell sewer gas on the inside or outside of your home?

This is obviously not a good sign. It could mean you have a broken sewer line that could very well cause you a long list of other problems in the coming days, weeks, and months if you don’t do something about it.

And sewer gas odors are just one of the many broken sewer line symptoms that can indicate an issue with your sewer line. Here are four others that should force you to spring into action right away and have your sewer line repaired.

1. Slow-Moving Drains Throughout Your Home

A slow-moving drain is one of the most common plumbing problems within a home. So you shouldn’t freak out too much about a single drain that’s moving slowly.

But if you have multiple slow-moving drains that are taking way too long day in and day out, it could be a big problem. Contact one of the plumbers in your area to see if these drains are broken sewer line symptoms.

2. Sewage Backing Up Into Your Home

When your sewer line first cracks or breaks, it won’t send sewage spewing back into your home right away. But over time, a sewer line can begin to back up and that can cause a major problem to set in.

Suddenly, your sewer line won’t be able to carry sewage away from your home anymore, and it’ll sometimes lead to sewage moving back in the direction of your home. It could leave you with a big (and gross!) cleanup job on your hands.

3. Soggy Patches of Grass All Over the Place Outside Your Home

If it’s rained in your area for days or even weeks on end, you shouldn’t be surprised to see that your lawn is soggy. But if it hasn’t rained much at all as of late and your lawn is still soggy, that’s a sign of trouble.

When your sewer line is broken, it’ll often allow a lot of wastewater to spill out into your yard. This will leave you with soggy patches of grass all over the place.

It’ll also often leave you with very green grass that is loaded up with nutrients. It might look nice at first glance, but your grass isn’t going to be green for the right reasons in this case.

4. Foundation Problems With Your Home

In a worst-case scenario, a broken sewer line can do more than just send sewage spewing back into your home or affect the look and feel of your lawn. It can do lasting damage to your home and maybe even make it unlivable.

If enough wastewater spills out into your yard, it may start to pool around your foundation and cause it to crack. This is just about the worst thing you can have to happen to your home.

Don’t let things escalate to this point. It could force you to move out of your home and make it difficult for you to sell it to someone else.

Don’t Ignore Any of These Broken Sewer Line Symptoms

When you first spot a slow-moving drain in your home or a patch of green grass out in your yard, you might not think anything of it. But these broken sewer line symptoms could come back to bite you in a big way later.

Call on a plumber for assistance with your sewer line at the first signs of trouble. They’ll let you know whether or not your sewer line is causing the problems and help you fix it right away.

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