It is the dream of every girl that she would look best on her big day-the day when all the eyes are on her- her wedding day!

So when your special day arrives, you deserve flawless skin so that you can cherish every moment of your special day. But since perfection is difficult to achieve, you need to take that extra care of your skin to get the radiant glow naturally.

The natural glow stands out and is very different from the artificial makeup glow. Starting with the skincare routine as early as a year before the big day will give you the best possible results.

Before 12 Months

Practice yoga to keep your skin radiant

Sarvangasanalt is the yoga posture where you need to balance yourself on a shoulder stand and is very effective for glowing skin. As the blood circulation is promoted towards the face area, it helps in improving skin quality. You need to practice this asana three to five times a day and say bye-bye to acne, pimples, and skin dullness.

Manage stress

Stress always has an impact on your skin. It makes your skin tired and dull. So you must manage your stress and channelize your anxiety correctly. For example, meditating for a few minutes in the morning or before going to bed will significantly help release stress.

Follow a healthy diet

We know the famous saying that your skin reflects whatever you eat. So you should ask a dietician to make your diet plan. Chocolates, chips, french fries, sodas are a big no-no! Instead, it’s best if you slowly start eliminating excess carbohydrates and sugar from your diet. But having a sudden change in the diet will have undesirable effects on your health. Thus, you need to gradually start following a balanced diet full of green veggies, protein, and fruits.

Before 6 Months

Drink more water to keep yourself hydrated

Wedding preparations will make you very busy but don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated. The key to having glowing skin is water! Also, try to include more fruits, vegetables, and juices in your diet as they keep you super hydrated.

Prioritize your sleep

We all deprive ourselves of sleep at some point in life, but you surely wouldn’t want to look sleep-deprived, along with dark circles on your big day. A night of good sleep is critical because it helps regenerate and create tissues and cells of your body, making your skin look fresh. In addition to this, a night of good sleep also reduces stress by calming down our central nervous system. So, underestimating sleep isn’t worth it.

Start with your monthly facials

When you have approximately six months left for your wedding, it’s the perfect time to start with your monthly facials. Before using a product, ask your salon professional to apply a patch test.

Also, inform your salon professional about any specific skin issues or allergies that you have. Various products might not suit your skin. You can look for a range of products from any skin care product manufacturer. Facials hydrate and prepare your skin for makeup.

Before 3 Months

When you are left approximately three months before the big day, you should start to detox your skin. It will be the time to flush out all the toxins from your skin.

Also, it is recommended that you should avoid using cosmetics that are laden with chemicals. They tend to damage your skin. Instead, go for body massages. Oil massages are always beneficial for the skin as they provide nourishment to the skin.

In addition, massage helps in blood circulation and helps restore the skin from tanning and hyperpigmentation conditions.

Before 1 Month

It is imperative to clean the skin properly before going to sleep. But excessive cleansing and scrubbing also might be harmful to the skin. Hence, starting to gently cleanse the skin before a month from the wedding day is a great idea and will be beneficial to your skin.

Before 3-2 Weeks

Now you can start going to spas. You can opt for the specific bridal spa treatment. They mainly concentrate on mineralization, rejuvenation as well detoxification of the skin. In addition, a spa treatment also helps you get rid of your stress and is very relaxing.
It is also time for CTOM, which stands for cleansing, toning, oiling, and moisturizing your skin and should be done in this exact order. This makes your skin radiant and fresh.

Before 1 Week

Start having Green tea and rely on semi-liquid diets. Green tea helps in detoxifying the body and also helps in maintaining a significant metabolism. In addition, the semi-liquid diet keeps you hydrated and maintains the glow in your skin.

Before 1 Day

Just before the most anticipated day of your life, you are supposed to have various emotional breakouts. So naturally, you will be thrilled but tense at the same time. But you need to try your level best to stay calm as these emotional breakouts are not suitable for the skin, and you just might end up having a pimple or two!

Summing Up

The importance of a wedding day is immeasurable. You, as a bride, have been dreaming for this day since you were a little girl. So you deserve to look the best on your day.

Unfortunately, we all are so busy with work that it is challenging to take time and religiously practice a skincare routine in today’s world. But this little care towards your skin will make you stand out on your day. The glow that comes from within is unparalleled if compared to the makeup glow.

We hope that these pre-bridal skin care suggestions turn out to be helpful for you. If you can continue with these practices throughout the years to come, you’ll always cherish flawless and super radiant skin.