Every woman dreams to have a fairy-tale like wedding. Usually, an almost perfect wedding takes months, even years, to prepare. From the planning stage, down to the rehearsals; a wedding celebration requires time, a whole bunch of energy, patience, and definitely money.

If you are the kind of bride who is (or would like to be) very hands-on with her wedding, it might take a toll on you. But it shouldn’t always be the case. You are the main star of the party after all, so you should definitely look like a star.

Hence, we listed down the best beauty preparation for our soon-to-be-brides! Below are tips, which can be very effective when you start them six month or more before your wedding day.

1. Diet

“You are what you eat”, this proverbial saying literally means that the healthier food you consume, the healthier you become. A healthy diet is important if you want to stay physically fit and in good health. Your skin glows differently, you become active, you don’t get sick right away, and all other good benefits that you get when you consume nutrients that your body needs.

Even when you’re busy with all the wedding preparations, you should always eat healthy foods because you definitely can’t afford to be sick on your wedding day.

2. Sleep

Sleep is also necessary to be healthy and fit. Sleep allows your body to rest from all the busyness. You might be in a tight schedule especially when the wedding day is drawing near, but you shouldn’t deprive yourself from getting a good sleep.

Manage your time and set goals so you can always rest without worrying about any backlogs on your wedding preparations.

3. Spa and Massage

The budget to pull off a wedding is no joke, but you can still pamper yourself in a guilt-free way, then you can visit your favorite spa and get a massage. There are also studies that found massage to be helpful with relieving wedding stress.

Some of the physical benefits of getting a massage are:

  • reduces muscle tension
  • improves blood circulation
  • reduces stress hormones
  • improves skin tone

4. Hair Removal

It is ideal to get hair removal at least six months before your wedding. You can do it on a monthly or bi-weekly basis (if there’s lesser time).

You can opt to waxing, laser hair removal, or whichever you feel more comfortable with.

5. Exfoliation

Every woman wants to have a smooth glowing skin during their prenup and most especially on the wedding day. Exfoliation is essential in order to achieve it.

If you shell out more or not depends on you, but professional skin care treatments are definitely more effective. Or if you already have your own skin care routine, you can continue with that. You can seek advice from dermatologists on the best way to get a glowing skin.

Do this for at least six months before your wedding so that you have time to decide on which way to go. The routine should get more frequent as your wedding day approaches to achieve that flawless skin. Avoid using a facial product that you haven’t tried before on the day of your wedding.

6. Hands and Feet Care

Moisturize your hands and feet before going to sleep. This prevents the skin in your hands and feet from becoming dry. You can also try a foot spa from time to time.

You can get a manicure and pedicure until the day before your wedding. Just make sure to keep your nails well-groomed. Nail art or nail designs are a trend nowadays and adds color to your white wedding gown. Some of the popular nail designs ideal for weddings are:

  • ombre
  • metallic
  • glitter
  • minimalistic
  • pastel colors
  • matt/nude colors

7. Extension

This is not necessary, eyelash extensions as well as hair extensions can be pretty convenient. Some brides don’t like fake eyelashes and prefer to get an eyelash extension instead. And those who have short hair, opt to get a hair extension.

The drawback is, extensions can be costly and may require maintenance.

More suggestions:

  • Relax and get as much sleep the day before your wedding day
  • Don’t make any last-minute changes on the day of your wedding
  • Don’t eat too much or you might get an upset stomach

Whatever are your beauty preparations for your wedding, it is still important to be wise with your choices and don’t spend too much. Focus on the things that you need the most and if you still have the budget to lavish on other things then be my guest.

We hope that these tips will help you look beautiful inside and out on your most awaited day. You might be too worried about the whole celebration and stuff, beyond everything, it’s what you have been preparing for. Yet still, don’t forget to personally enjoy the experience and savor it with your partner.