It’s the nature of the beast that dictates the adult industry is likely to be perceived to be the darker side of the movies business and some of the actors who work in this arena are seemingly keen to keep a low profile away from the cameras.

The fact that you can appoint a sex crime lawyer is a testament to the fact that those in the adult movie industry can sometimes need a voice and someone fighting their corner for them when they have been victimized or treated badly.

The question is, why are so many of these victims reluctant to come forward and take action against their perpetrator?

The past can influence the present

One theory put forward in answer to the question is the observation that a certain percentage of adult movie actors might have been sexually abused as children and have never spoken out about what happened to them in the past.

This could have some bearing on their acceptance to enter this pornographic movie world in the first place and could also go some way to explaining why they are so reluctant to come forward when they experience abusive treatment as an adult.

The ability to somehow contain what has happened to them in the past will surely have some bearing on how they attempt to “normalize” the treatment they are subjected to in the adult movie business.

The power of the #MeToo movement

A common theme that has been raised as a result of historical sexual abuse claims coming to light after years of silence is that a number of victims actually blame themselves for becoming a victim in the first place.

The highly-publicized court case against the movie mogul Harvey Weinstein served to highlight how widespread sexual misconduct in the workplace has been in certain industries.

If the mainstream movie business has been shown to have been fertile ground for abusers you can only guess that the adult industry has its fair share of cases too.

Self-blame is not justification for staying silent but it definitely seems to be an influential factor as to why a percentage of victims decide not to come forward, although the #The MeToo movement has helped to encourage people to have the confidence to speak out.

Unwanted sexual experiences

Another potential issue is the number of victims of sexual assault who have, by definition, been raped, but did not recognize the experience as fitting the legal definition.

There are people who have been subjected to unwanted sexual experiences and poor treatment but don’t feel that they are in a position to report these incidents, especially when you consider the nature of the adult movie business.

Teenagers who experience unwanted sexual contact and harassment seem to rarely report these incidents and a small percentage tend to get reported to the police and other authorities.

It may be the fear of becoming an outcast in an industry that can pay so well when you are working regularly and gaining a following that inhibits the thought of speaking out, but those that have suffered in the adult movies business know they have a voice if they break their silence.