Today, injectables are super popular, and many people may notice this on influencers since some of them get a lot of work done to their faces. With that said, there’s a considerable difference between Botox and fillers. Therefore, in this blog, we will be going over the distinctions between the two.


First, we are going to discuss neurotoxins. The most common brand name people may be aware of is Botox. However, there are other brands such as Dysport, Xeomin, and the most recent one, Jeuveau. Neurotoxins are produced by a bacterium called botulinum. Botulinum is a form of bacteria poison, so people tend to freak out when they hear that since they think you’re poising your body. However, Botox is not high enough to be toxic. When Botox is injected, it’s very localized. Therefore, it’s not going to spread much further than three centimeters from where it’s been placed.

The way that neurotoxins work is they block the signal from the nerves to the muscles, so the muscles can’t contract. The main reason you would want to get Botox is to help those wrinkles smooth out and relax. These lines are your expression lines, and that’s why sometimes people will say she has Botox face because you can’t tell what’s going on in her mind since you can’t see anything move. This is due to the neurotoxin.

An example of expression lines would be when you smile, you get crow’s feet, and when you wrinkle your nose, you get little bunny lines. These lines are prime examples of the most common areas for neurotoxins and injectables, such as Botox.

Botox is not used in areas to plump cheeks or the lips. So, whenever someone says she’s got too much Botox in her lips, she doesn’t. She doesn’t have any Botox in her lips. If someone put Botox in her lips, then she would have serious problems to worry about. Some people also say that neurotoxins, like Botox, will also prevent wrinkles. However, that’s a very controversial thing to say since once you start using Botox, you’re not going to stop using it.

At times, people will say if you start using it when you’re young, then you’re going to see fewer wrinkles, and they will be less deep and pronounced. The problem again is you’re not going to stop doing Botox because your lines are not as pronounced. So, it’s not recommended to start using Botox until you have lines that bother you. It would help if you didn’t get into Botox too early, and appear like you don’t have any expression. Sometimes expression lines can be a blessing, and they can show off your personality. So, you don’t want to overdo it, and it’s essential to take it slow when you’re getting Botox.

When you do start to get Botox, you should start with your crow’s feet first. Your crow’s feet and your eye area are what make you look a little older. As you begin to age, it’s the first place where you see signs of aging. Furthermore, this is a small area, so it gives you a good idea of how Botox and other neurotoxins can be used.

When to Not Get Neurotoxins

People that can’t get neurotoxins are women that are pregnant. Also, you don’t want to use Botox if you have any neurological disease. There haven’t been many long-term studies when it comes to receiving Botox with a neurological condition, so it’s better to play it safe.

Cost of Botox

The average cost of Botox is approximately $500 per session. With that said, the price depends on where you live and who you go through. You can either go to a Botox specialist or a dermatologist. There are plenty of people who are experienced and professional at injectables, such as Botox. You want to make sure that whoever you go to has really good reviews and has the proper experience – the majority of the time, professionals will charge per unit or per area.


Fillers are entirely different from neurotoxins because they are plumping your face in different ways instead of freezing your muscles. Fillers are most commonly known as a temporary fix. However, it can come in permanent materials. Once someone receives fillers, the plumpness never really goes away. This is because fillers can stimulate collagen production as well. With fillers, you will end up with lasting plumpness regardless of the filler you use. The most common form of filler is typically hyaluronic acid, a sugar-molecule that’s naturally found in our skin.

The important thing to know about filler is even if it’s hyaluronic acid, it comes in different thicknesses and forms. For this reason, it’s vital to receive fillers from an expert. A professional will be able to choose the right filler in the right thickness and proper form to do the job you want.

For example, if you want cheek fillers, you might want something a little more robust. Cheek fillers act as a structural type of filler where it’s going to hold your cheeks up and give you that plumpness. However, if you’re going to get your lips done, you’re going to want them to be softer. You want to avoid the same kind of filler in both areas because they’re going to have a different type of effect. Some of the commonly used brands for hyaluronic acid fillers are Restylane, Juvederm, and Beloterg.

Even within those brands, there are different types of fillers. This is due to each one of them have different kinds of particles. So, if you’re looking for something more robust, you’re going to want to go with something like Restylane lifts or Juvederm voluma. These fillers have larger particles that are going to help rebuild that area. If you want something with smaller particles, than you can go with Restylane silk, which is used for your lips.

Cost of Filler

As far as the cost for filler, it can range from anywhere between $650 to $2,500. Filler can be expensive, depending on how much filler you want in your face. Something to keep in mind is that doctors typically pay around $250 to $350 per syringe. If you see deals out there and they are less than that, than it could be counterfeit, so make sure that you’re not getting silicon injected into your face.

In Summary

Those are the most common and basic differences between Botox and Fillers. The best way for people to distinguish the two is that Botox freezes everything, such as your expression lines. Then, filler helps to plump a specific area. In addition, to Botox and filler, you may want to get microneeding treatments. Aesthetic Lane in Orlando has been providing quality microneedling treatments for several years. They can help you with Botox and fillers as well.