Google Review links are unique URLs to directly access your Google Business Profile and leave a review.

These links make it easy for happy customers to review you. This helps generate more 5-star ratings to improve your reputation. Let’s get to know how to Drive Customer Engagement: Podium’s Google Review Link Solution?

Why do they increase engagement?

Review links remove friction from the review process. Customers can leave feedback with one click rather than searching.

This convenience incentivizes more customers to engage and leave positive reviews.

More reviews improve your Google rating and search placement. This draws more new customers to your business.

Benefits of review links

Google Review links provide several benefits:

  • Get more 5-star ratings to stand out
  • Increased customer engagement shows you care
  • Improved online reputation attracts customers
  • Higher search ranking drives traffic to your site
  • Ongoing feedback helps you improve constantly
  • Shows customers you value their opinions

Where to share links

There are many options for distributing your Google Review link:

  • Email signatures
  • Online invoices
  • Receipts
  • Post-purchase emails
  • Thank you pages
  • Text messages
  • Social media
  • Review reminder cards

The key is placing it wherever customers may see it after interacting with your business.

Best practices for links

Follow these best practices when using Google Review links:

  • Keep link text clear, such as “Leave us a Google Review”
  • Use a shortened link to simplify and track clicks
  • Test different placement options and see what generates the most reviews
  • Make sure the link is easily accessible on mobile
  • Refresh link occasionally to avoid it expiring
  • Thank customers who leave reviews
  • Respond professionally to any negative feedback

Examples of review link requests

Here are some examples of effective review link messaging:

  • “Was our service 5-star worthy? Let us know by leaving a Google review using this link: [Insert Shortened Link]”
  • “We appreciate your feedback! Please take a minute to leave a review using this link so others can learn about your experience: [Insert Shortened Link]”
  • “Help future customers by sharing your thoughts through this Google Review link: [Insert Shortened Link]”

Keep messaging polite and concise. Explain it helps other customers find your business.

Tips for gaining reviews

Here are some additional tips for getting more Google reviews:

  • Train staff to proactively request reviews from happy customers
  • Offer a small incentive like a discount for leaving a review
  • Run review generation contests between staff
  • Monitor reviews daily and respond professionally
  • Spotlight great reviews on social media to encourage more
  • Ask for reviews right after a positive customer experience

Responding to reviews

Always reply professionally when customers leave reviews:

  • Thank positive reviewers sincerely
  • Apologize for negative experiences and explain how you will improve
  • Follow up to resolve issues raised in bad reviews
  • Flag truly abusive or irrelevant reviews for removal

Show you listen and care, even when feedback is negative. This demonstrates responsiveness and values customers.

Why reviews matter

Google reviews significantly influence:

  • Your online reputation – Reviews shape first impressions of your brand
  • New customer acquisition – Positive ratings make customers more likely to choose you
  • Search ranking – High rating improves visibility on Google
  • Loyalty and engagement – Ongoing reviews show customers you listen and care


  • Google Review links encourage happy customers to easily leave feedback
  • More 5-star ratings improve reputation, search rank, and conversions
  • Share links wherever customers access after interacting with your business
  • Respond politely to all reviews to show you value customers
  • Continually collect reviews to boost engagement and growth

Invest time into review generation and management. The benefits are immense.