In the modern world, data is one of the riving factors behind technological advancements and innovation in every domain. From business intelligence data in the corporate world, student data in the educational domain, to the patient data in the healthcare sector, data analytics and Big Data processing has led to profitable decision-making in all these fields.

Data analytics has been a real game changer across all industrial domains. However, owing to advancements in the technological computing space, the field of data analytics is dynamic and always evolving. Hence, it is imperative to be aware of the latest trends in data analytics to be able to employ them profitably in your organization.

If you want to establish your career in Big Data analytics, or are currently working as a data analyst for a business, reading this blog can help you become aware of the latest trends in the domain, that can be expected to dominate the market in 2020.

Big Data trends in 2020

Here are the Big Data analytics trends in 2020, which can be expected to capture headlines in the year ahead.

  • Conversational analytics and Natural Language Processing: Although already in use, technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and conversational analytics can be expected to be picked up by many more in different industries. NLP is used to simplify complicated analytical platforms for general use and conversation analytics utilises predictive analytics to present insights in a conversational manner. Both the technologies can be used to improve customer engagement and business processes.
  • Augmented analytics: Augmented analytics combines the simplicity of machine learning with artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to revolutionise the way you develop, process and analyse data. The data processing is much faster and the insights gained are more accurate. Hence, it is no surprise that according to a recent report by Gartner, the global augmented analysis market is expected to generate a revenue of $18.4 billion by the ends of 2020.
  • Machine learning in data analytics: Machine learning is another trend that is quickly gaining popularity among data analysts across the world. The advancements made in machine learning theories and algorithms can help expedite the data analysis process as well as increase the general efficiency of businesses. That is why, as per, this year can witness more than 40% of the Big Data analysis across different industries, employing machine learning techniques.
  • Data analysis automation: With technological automations happening in every field, the data analytics industry is not left behind. The use of automation for faster and more efficient data analytics systems can contribute to its gaining popularity. In fact, the upcoming year can come across thousands of businesses automating their data operations.

Being updated on the current data trends can help you in making the most of your business data. Apart from subscribing to analytics magazines and journals, an easy way to stay abreast of these trends is to pursue a course in Big Data analytics, which can improve your subject knowledge and establish a successful Big Data career.