You turned on your phone and opened this app called Tinder, swiping left to almost five hundred profiles of beautiful ladies. No one could spark your interest after countless hours of swiping left, and it’s a struggle. Then here she comes, pretty girl with cute eyeglasses, onyx black and short hair, pouty lips and a killer smile. She looks classy, sophisticated, but then she seems like the kind of girl who is out of your league. But you are a brave man, a courageous bachelor, just out of college, and currently looking for a serious relationship. You swiped right, you messaged her, and she replied you almost instantly to your text. You hit it off entirely, and she invited you for a date, just after a few hours of messaging each other.

You are now well dressed, mustering up every ounce of your courage to meet her personally. Then you asked yourself what wine I should bring? There are a lot of variables to account for in choosing which particular wine you should bring to a date. Picking the right wine among the Sokolin red wines is essential since the kind of wine you’ll bring tells a lot about your character and first impressions last. Indeed, you don’t want to start on the wrong foot, and bringing the perfect wine for the date would give her a long and lasting impression.

First Dates

A person typically goes through a lot of first dates throughout his/her love life and buying wine every time could have a heavy toll on your pockets. Choosing a wine that is classy yet affordable would be the tactical move to first dates. Consider choosing 2016 Pinot Grigio, a classy wine that is not too pricey but yet still an elegant and refined wine. It has a very citrus taste to it, medium-bodied, and leaves the taste buds with a grassy flavor.


A picnic requires a wine that is simple yet elegant for having a picnic in a park would be quite straightforward. With a comfortable atmosphere, the wine should also be light and direct. Weingut Loimer Gruner Veltliner is a wine that sticks out because of its simple yet refined texture. With its fresh apple flavor and citrusy aroma, it is perfect for picnic food such as buffalo wings, celery, and cheese.

Eco-Friendly Date

So this girl is all about the environment, hates plastic, and talks about animal endangerment. You may want to opt for organic wines since they are harvested and made with no artificial tweaking. Wines from Europe are sure your best choice since as their certification process is strict about going organic, even those vineyards that don’t have certification are still organic as they follow the old traditions of making wine. Valle Reale Montepulciano d’Abruzzo that is from Italy would be an excellent choice for an eco-friendly date. The appellation that made them employs an organic way of processing their wine. With a straight ten days of fermentation, the wine has a medium-bodied feeling in the mouth, and it is excellent with mushroom and pasta, eggplant parmesan, and other non-meat dishes.

The Adventurous

You like her because of her free-spirited nature, her love for adventure and hiking. She has tasted exotic drinks and dishes and doesn’t chicken out in traveling the unknown. Finding her a wine that is new to her taste would be a great start, so consider Protea wines, wines that come from South Africa. One of their own, Chenin Blanc has a citrus and fruity taste and pairs with spicy Indian and Chinese food. Also, their Dry Rose is one for festivals and celebrations, as it gives off a tropical feel to its taste with a faint earthiness in its flavors.

The Wine Lover

It turns out that your date is also a wine lover so that you would book an appointment at a winery, or a brewery, even at a distiller. You would share all your experiences in wine, talks about the most popular wines both of had taste, and speaks about your favorite wines. In northern California, there is the Benziger Family Winery in Sonoma. The classy and relaxed atmosphere is a huge plus, and it’s also eco-friendly. One of their most beautiful, Benziger Family Sauvignon Blanc North Coast has a flowery aroma with a citrusy taste to it. It pairs well with fruits and cheeses.


First impressions last, and having a fresh aura and classy feel would be a great start on a first date. You should not just pick a bottle of wine randomly as it would be a great disaster of a date when the wine doesn’t fit the meeting. Choosing the right wine is essential just as picking the right suit for your partner.