There is clothing that appears as a one-time hit or returns to the fashion scene from time to time. And some pieces are timeless simply because they look good and are wearable on many occasions. It can be said, with good reason, that Bohemian style midi dresses are among them.

If you look at social networks, you will see that these pieces are unavoidable in suitcases, summer vacations and festivals, long walks along the beach, night outs, etc. Even famous fashion brands launch lines of these breezy dresses every year. This garment made of natural materials simply suits everyone.

Casual Everyday Outfits

Summer is a time when your sense of fashion should come to the fore, but also a period when you must not sacrifice convenience for a trendy look at any cost. Simply, when the heat and humidity are high, clothes made of natural materials will suit you the most.

Boho dresses made of linen, twill, or cotton are pieces of clothing in which you can spend the whole day without feeling uncomfortable. For example, a classic, flat-cut midi dress in a neutral color will perfectly fit attractive accessories, such as bracelets and a clutch bag with details in the same shade.

If you are an active type, you will be thrilled with the chance to blend romance with sporty elegance. Boho midi dress and summer sneakers or lace shoes in white or without color are a great choice. The plaid design will look incredibly stunning combined with white sneakers.

A Touch of Romance

When you say Boho, the first thing you think of is romance. It’s about fluttery pieces of clothing, delicate colors, and patterns that are not bold but certainly attract attention. Bohemian style midi dresses allow you to be relaxed and cheerful, and at the same time, seductive and sexy. That is why they are the first choice of most ladies for a romantic summer date. You can combine them with everything from fringe boots to stilettos.

For an evening walk by the beach, a white or soft pink boho dress, combined with a denim shirt or a light cardigan, will come in handy. Cozy, flat sandals are a must, although you will most likely take them off while walking by the water or sand.

To go to an evening night-out, choose a floral pattern that will make your partner not take their eyes off you. Off-shoulder models will make you even more seductive. Also, a dress made of lace is ideal for romantic summer dates. Whether you opt for a semi-transparent model or a lined model, you won’t go wrong.

Add Boho Chic to Your Business Attire

Boho midi dresses are a practical and unmistakable choice, even for business outfits. Depending on your job, you will pair them with the proper footwear. For a more professional look, ankle boots, lace shoes, or block heels will do. If the workplace allows a bit more casual attire, moccasins or espadrilles are a great solution.

Going with plain clothing designs and emphasizing your sense of fashion with discreet details such as jewelry or scarves is recommended. You can combine strap dresses with jackets or shirts made of light materials because it is inappropriate to come to work with bare shoulders. For more ideas of business outfits for ladies check here.

But suppose it’s too hot outside, so you don’t want to wear anything over the dress. In that case, models with puff sleeves of different lengths will break the monotony of your business attire. For an extra touch of style, you can opt for a wrap dress with a striking belt. And as you run from one meeting to another on a long, hot summer day, don’t forget a hat and glasses that complete your Bohemian business look.

Considering the flexibility of Bohemian fashion, it can be interpreted in many ways. A midi dress can be styled so that you look like a girl from the 70s (just add bulky pearl earrings and leather hippie sandals) or a mid-west lady who wears cowboy boots and a hat. The details are what makes this piece of clothing even more attractive. And if you know how to wear them, you’re ready to be a Bohemian summer queen.