The United States definitely has something to impress their tourists and local citizens who travel within the country’s borders. America is of the unforgettable kind of countries around the world. Having visited one American state, you will want to see them all. Be it sunny Florida, bright Las Vegas, alluring Los Angeles likewise other cities of America, Cheap First Class business class aviation consolidator will help you find the most suitable last-minute tickets to go for an unforgettable vacation or business trip with solely positive emotions.

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The fastest and easiest way to travel within the US is by using local airline services. Airports in America are situated almost in every small city. With our company tickets for last minute first class flights in minutes before the takeover will be the easiest problem, you would ever have to solve. Here are some American airlines flying within the country worth mentioning and using their services:

  • American Airlines is a large airline with a huge fleet and passenger traffic. The air-carrier offers flights for the most popular domestic routes like
    1. New York/ Chicago/ New York – direct 2.5 hours-long flight;
    2. New York/ Miami/ New York – direct 3-hours-long flight;
    3. Los Angeles/ Chicago/ Los Angeles – direct 3-hours-long flight;
    4. Los Angeles/ San Francisco/ Los Angeles – direct 1.5-hours-long flight.
  • Delta Airlines – the largest airline in terms of fleet size with passenger traffic volume and the number of destinations. Delta’s passengers are always safe and well-serviced on boards of modern aircraft. Air carrier performs flights to all the popular routes within America.

What to visit in the US?

American capital state Washington is famous for a large number of museums and art galleries. The tallest building in Washington is the Capitol. This is the famous building where the US Congress sessions are held. In addition, there are also the Pentagon, the FBI, and the White House buildings. The National Mall is a favorite vacation spot for Americans and tourists. Large square with famous American memorials and monuments. Of particular importance for residents is a high Washington Monument – a marble obelisk erected in honor of the first American president – George Washington. Not far from this monument is located the Lincoln Memorial.

New York – a city numerous skyscrapers, business centers, and famous landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty – American symbol embodying freedom and democracy. Famous Broadway – the long and spectacular New York’s street. And what about the Times Square located in the New York district of Manhattan? The business district of the city called Downtown is where the largest banks, the stock exchange, and skyscrapers are situated. Brooklyn Bridge – the 2-kilometers-long oldest building of the city connecting Manhattan with Brooklyn.

Las Vegas – the place of gambling and entertainment. Want to see the vacationers and tourists playing in the casino, where the atmosphere of fun and some kind of madness is floating in the air? – Than yours stop.

Your children will be delighted to visit Disneyland, which is located in California. This amusement park offers roller coaster and amusement rides. Fairytale characters dressed in bright costumes – the main characters of Disney cartoons will talk to and take pictures with your kids. Evening from beautiful fireworks to laser shows are here waiting until you use cheap first class services!