Well, as we know that a good DJ should always be ready for breakdowns, simple change over a and for even the worst-case scenario. And these things will help you to be ready with a simple solution when this bad dream gig arrives, one of the most important things is that you must have the best 25 key midi controller which will help you. While innovation has certainly made easy the burden of what a DJ needs to carry to gigs, one of the irritations is the new little things that can possibly pull or even end a performance.

In the past times, headphones, recordings were the basics. Today, you may be capable of dropping all the main parts of vinyl, however, on the off chance that laptop damage or you forget one cable, you can end up in a difficult situation.

Here are the best things that you need

A USB thumb drive

Well, You can never anticipate what may turn out badly. A thumb drive stacked with music can without much of a stretch be connected to most new CDJs or another DJ’s laptop if in a jam. In addition, spare some room on it on the off chance that you need to change a song toward the end. Have two of these on the off chance that one gets corrupted or cleaned.

RCA cables

RCA cables are most widely used by many DJ owners. While RCA associations aren’t constantly correct, most sound parts have these sound ins/outs. Plugs you directly in if different associations aren’t coordinating up for reasons unknown.

Extension plug socket

This is something that is regularly overlooked yet has spared us ordinarily before. Well, we went up to clubs ready to set up and found that the present DJ is an attachment hoard! He’ll have his controller, laptop, launchpad FX, iPad, and telephone all connected, having no space for my hardware.

If you pack an extension cord, you can set up everything ready for a smooth handoff. This keeps the group and club owners happy and makes things a mess less difficult and stress-free for you.

Power adaptors and cables

When you’re packing equipment, it’s anything but difficult to leave your cables and power connectors behind. And if you leave it connected at home, you’ll be unable to locate any appropriate substitutions at the club. Continuously unplug cables and pack them simultaneously as the equipment they have a place with. It’s likewise worth getting yourself a backup power adaptor as these have all of a sudden quit on me before.

Spare laptop charger

I’m certain you can imagine right where you left your charger on the work area of your lodging or connected to your home DJ set-up. Convey an extra, and that way, you won’t need to spend your set viewing your battery approach zero.


Well, the main thing you’ll require is a gig bag that will store all your important things. Various pockets and compartments are significant so you can rapidly find the things that you need during an emergency.