Ring, Ring, Hello? You say to your… wrist? It turns out that pretend phone shape we used to make with our hands actually works as a communication device now if you have a smartwatch.

The best smartwatches for women are the ones that look the best and have a good range of features. We’ve ranked our favorites, in order below.

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1. Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy WatchIf you’re going to spend the money on a smartwatch, wouldn’t you like it to focus on a fitness watch too? Most smartwatches now have at least step counters, but the Samsung Galaxy watch has even more.

But before we get into the features, let’s take a look at the looks of this Samsung wearable device.

The Visual Features

Samsung is a sleek round watch face, which is unique in the business. Both the Apple watch and most Fitbit watches are square or at least are squares with rounded corners.

The screen on the Samsung watch is immaculate. It has amazing pixel resolution, you could probably play with one of those crazy super-zoom photos with its optics.

The screen itself isn’t just pretty, it’s functional too. It has “Corning Gorilla Glass Dx+” which means you don’t need to buy and then struggle to install a tiny screen protector.
The watch comes in three colors, black, white, and rose gold – which is the trendiest choice. You can buy different bands through the company or third party sellers if you want to mix up your look.

If you’re looking for something that looks more like a watch than a smartwatch (on the outside), then this is the one for you.

Tech Features

Now that you know what the watch looks like, let’s talk about what it can do. The main perk of this watch is the number of capabilities and apps it can run. It’s as many or more than the Apple watch, which is an impressive feat in and of itself.

However, it doesn’t have the battery life that we’re used to seeing with newer smartwatches. It says it lasts up to three days on one charge – but most people say two days and a half, three is pushing it.

There’s a cool IoT (internet of things) feature that lets you control things like your connected TV’s, or even your wifi enabled Roomba.

The more useful features include things like heart rate tracking and yes, a pedometer. The watch can even warn you when you’re getting stressed (by reading your heart rate) and suggest/guide you through some deep breaths.

Are you a busy lady? Your watch has the “My Day” feature, which shows you your synced schedule for the next 10 hours. Now you can finally remember that you’re in charge of the carpool!

Finally, along with all the smartwatch features, this watch is waterproof, up to about 150 feet deep. So unless you’re going on a big dive, you pretty much never have to take it off.

2. The Apple Watch

Apple WatchWe’re not quick to rank Apple products first in anything, just because they’re pretty much useless once a new version comes out. We can’t be the only one with older freezing iPhones, right?

Anyways, the Apple watch fits easily in our number two spot, though it absolutely has the best and the most amount of features on this list.

The Visual Features

The Apple Watch doesn’t have the sleek round shape we love on the Samsung watch, but it does have a nice band integration. The rounded square corners fit nicely into the way the band lays, and there are some cool features on the side of the watch.
In classic watch style, there’s a knob turn and the on/off display button.

The Apple Watch integrates with about every device or app you can think of, including scales, Roombas, and other wifi enabled devices.

The display is clear and crisp but doesn’t have quite as many pixels as the Samsung watch. However, it does have better battery life, at an honest four days.

The Tech

As we said, you can do about anything on this watch. The apps available are too long to list, and they include Apple pay.

Both Samsung and Fitbit came out with their version of this tech, but Apple payments are more widely accepted.

It has a quicker processor than the other watches and more powerful built-in speakers.
If you’re looking for a watch that’s a workhorse and more of a tool, less of an accessory, this is the watch for you.

3. The Fitbit Versa

Fitbit VersaFinally, we have the smartwatch offering from the Fitbit brand, the Verasa. They just came out with the Versa Lite, which is about $50 to $80 cheaper, depending on the style you want.

The Versa is a fitness tracker with smartwatch capabilities, not the other way around. Its main purpose is to track your steps, your heart rate, and your exercise.

The features that are built into its support workouts, like the ability to change and play music.

You do get notifications about things like texts and calls, as well as the ability to send quick replies.

It comes in a few colors, and the options for extra bands on Amazon are endless.

It’s water resistant too, up to 50 meters. We’re not sure why they chose to advertise that in metric, but it’s about 165 feet.

If you want something that has tech problems instead of the kind that need you to know how to open the back of a watch, then a smartwatch is for you.

The Best Smartwatches for Women

They’re fun and helpful, but they’re not (yet) essential for the daily routine.

If you’re looking to upgrade from your current model, figure out what these have that yours lacks. Then get the one that fills in the most gaps.