If you want to rank high in Google, or in any other search engine, you need to have a strong SEO game – there’s no way around. Without it, being placed within the first page will be close to impossible, especially if your website is relatively new. However, there are many SEO tools available on the market that can help you in improving your rankings. Some of those include:


Before you start planning your new SEO strategy, you need to know the ranking position on which you are right now. To do that, you need a tool that will show you your ranking with 100% accuracy. One of these tools is Rankitor. In contrary to the complicated SEO tools created mostly with agencies and big companies in mind, this one is ideal for those who are just starting their journey with SEO.

Not only is it less expensive than other rank trackers, but it also offers you a simple user interface so that you won’t get lost while using it. Furthermore, it focuses only on the most important reports that you’ll need as a beginner in SEO.

However, if you are the owner of an SEO agency, you might find Pro Rank Tracker handy. Coming from the same company as Rankitor, this tool is designed especially for agencies that have to run thousands of keywords and create multiple reports. It offers you, for instance, the option of the agency rank reporting.


Ahrefs has been one of the favorite tools of SEO experts for a while now, and not without reason. It’s Side Audit feature, has been praised by many influential people in the industry as the best SEO analysis tool available on the market – it allows you to see which parts of your website need improvement so that you can rise on the ranking. Another useful aspect of Ahrefs is the ability to see your competitor’s backlinks that you can use as your starting point.

Apart from all this, Ahrefs is also a perfect tool for content, as you can see, for instance, which pages on your competitor’s site are ranking the highest and which ones bring the most traffic. Furthermore, you can also see for which keywords your competitors are ranking.

Answer The Public

Answer The Public is an excellent tool for finding topics for your website. And the best part? It’s free! If you have to create content around specific keywords, then this tool is your way to go. Let’s say that you’re working in the ‘cooking’ niche. With the use of this tool, you can create content for keywords like cooking, pans, or celebrity chefs.

This is also a handy tool if you are creating an FAQ section for your website, as Answer The Public shows you the questions that people are actually looking up or asking on social media, forums, and blogs and searching an answer for.


Siteliner is an SEO analysis tool that helps you in finding duplicate content on your website. If you don’t know what it is, duplicate content is content that is identical to one posted on other websites. It’s crucial as Google punishes sites with duplicate content with a penalty.

This tool will scan your entire website and find any duplicate content, broken links, number of internal links per page, average page size and speed, etc. Additionally, this tool also compares your site to others that use it, so that you’ll have a better understanding of where you stand.

Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

By using the mobile-friendly test tool provided by Google, you can check how responsive the design of your site is. Furthermore, if the tool will conclude that your website is not mobile-friendly, it will tell you precisely what you need to work on – be it too small text, plugins that are not compatible, and many more. Since people are using their mobile phones every day, your website needs to be mobile-friendly to guarantee the best user experience.

While the devices with a 0.1 inch of a difference in the screen size will not notice any change, the ones with a difference of more than 1 inch will definitely notice it.


Ranking high in Google or any other search engine is not easy as there are a lot of websites on the internet (more than 400 million active ones). The tools listed above might help you with the optimization of your website, but remember that they won’t do your work for you. If you want to rank high, you need to put in work.

Remember that the jump in the ranking won’t happen overnight. It takes hard work and hours spend on introducing changes to your website to make it as SEO-friendly as possible. However, the final results will probably compensate for all of it. Good luck.