Hosting guests when you’re short on space can be a challenge.

Your new apartment may not have a spare guest suite, but you don’t have to rule out sleepovers just yet.

Pull-out sofas are the obvious answer to the problem of limited square footage. It’s difficult to turn down a piece of furniture with this much functionality.

You know you’re going to need one.

Here are the five best pull-out sofas for your new apartment. No matter what style you’re looking for or what type of space you’re working with, there’s something here for you.

1. Eliot Twin Sleeper

Small and awkward spaces mean a full-sized sofa is out of the question.

At only 51” x 33” this oversized sleeper chair is a great option for a small apartment. It not only looks stylish, but it’s incredibly comfortable both folded up and pulled out.

This easy-to-operate twin-sized bed will accommodate any guest and keep them snoozing through the night on a mattress they can sink into.

And with all that space to curl up on (even when it’s closed), it will become your favorite TV chair.

With over 40 fabric options from twill to yarn and even velvet, you can customize the Eliot Twin Sleeper to fit your space. Plus, it comes in your choice of three different wood stains, so you can match it to any furniture you already have.

It’s small and it’s functional – what more could you possibly need?

2. Sarah Sofa Bed

Are you in the market for a standard sofa that just happens to pull out into a bed?

We’ve got just the one for you!

The Sarah Sofa Bed has an understated style with its square arms and classic wooden legs. You can blend it into your living room by choosing from 100+ fabrics that range from cotton to velvet.

Waiting inside this sofa is a queen-sized bed. It has a coil-spring mattress, which isn’t everyone’s first choice. But that’s okay because you can always pad it with a nice gel mattress topper.

Either way, it’s a spacious place for anyone staying over to spend the night.

The sofa itself measures 77” x 37” and is big enough to comfortably seat two people at any given time.

Or you and your dog, if you prefer.

3. Nia Sleeper

This sleeper sofa takes the simplicity of a futon but elevates it into something that doesn’t feel like it belongs in a college dorm room.

Instead of taking up your entire living room with a pull-out mattress, the Nia Sleeper has a back that lays down flat. No need to worry about moving the coffee table!

The versatility of this sofa is uncanny. The back is split in half so each side can recline independently. Keep it all the way up, lounge it halfway back, or lay it completely flat.

It looks great, too. You have your choice of seven colors for the velvet upholstery that covers the sofa. And the back features a beautiful tufted pattern that screams top-shelf design.

At 81.5” long, there’s plenty of room for everyone to take a seat.

4. FRIHETEN Sleeper Sectional

If you combine the efficiency of IKEA delivery with style and function, you’re left with this amazing sleeper sectional.

The FRIHETEN is the largest choice on this list, but that doesn’t make it unsuitable for apartment living. In fact, its versatility helps it fit into any living room.

Like all things from IKEA, you have to assemble this sectional yourself. But that hard work will be well worth it.

During assembly, you get to decide which side the chaise goes on to make it work best for your space. And, even better, you can switch the side it’s on at any time.

But wait, there’s more.

The chaise not only makes this sofa a sectional, but it also features storage space. And we all know how important that is for organizing your living room!

Once you pull the couch out, the sectional turns into a comfy double bed for you or your guests.

Keep in mind that the FRIHETEN measures 90.5” x 59.5”. But because it comes in boxes, you won’t have to worry about fitting it through your doors.

5. Luna Upholstered Daybed Sleeper

If a sofa just isn’t your style, maybe a daybed is the solution you’ve been searching for. It’s the perfect place to lounge during the day and to sleep at night.

Unlike a sofa, this daybed doesn’t have a back. The slim silhouette prevents your already small living room from feeling cluttered.

It comes in your choice of 12 neutral-toned fabrics that appeal to every taste.

To turn this daybed into a night bed, all you have to do is pull the trundle out. The sleeping surface can easily fit two people for a comfortable night’s sleep.

The Luna Sleeper is 89” x 35” with removable legs to aid in the move-in process.

In Conclusion

Whether you have an old friend coming to stay for the week or you are spending a night alone watching Netflix, a pull-out sofa won’t let you down.

It’s a couch AND a bed. It’s impossible to beat.

So, get rid of that uncomfortable blow-up mattress and stop worrying that your couch isn’t the best place to spend the night.

Your guests definitely won’t be let down by any of these five pull-out sofas!
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Angus Flynn has five years of experience as a property manager for high-end apartment communities. His ability to consistently deliver white-glove service to his residents and prospects has propelled him into a successful career that now finds him leading the team at Jefferson Silverlake.