For many of you, the Oz land might seem like the country from another planet. Indeed, when you are so far away from Europe, Africa or America it really seems like someone’s talking about some country that exists only on paper.

However, Australia is very real! And if you’re used to curing depression with traveling and you decide to visit Australia at some point, it’s very likely that you’ll wish to make your Aussie vacation a permanent relocation.

Australia consists of the Australian mainland, associated island of Tasmania and several territories which are geographically very close to the Antarctic. It is administratively divided into 5 different governing bodies, with New South Wales being the oldest settlement for European convicts who were sent from Europe to the faraway land to serve their penalty.

Nowadays, the Australian continent has perhaps the lowest population density, but its beautiful coastlines and cities like Canberra, Sydney or Adelaide make it very attractive for people who are searching to relocate somewhere nice.

sydney opera house


The largest city in Australia, although not the capital at the same time, is also one of the oldest cities on the continent. Located in the New South Wales, it’s a coastal town known for many beautiful beaches and considered a mecca for surfers.

Sydney is often considered for Australia exactly the same as Miami is for the USA.

In truth, Sydney has it all – from picturesque skylines and untouched nature to some of the most breathtaking architecture in the whole world (famous Opera House).

Its geographical location makes it perfect for both people who enjoy soaking in the sun and for those adrenaline seekers craving for fun on the snow (Snowy Mountains where the best ski resorts like Thredbo or Perisher are located are only a couple of hours away from the city).

Also, many key cities located nearby make Sydney a proper vantage point for the entire eastern coast of Australia. So if you’re thinking about moving to Brisbane for example, it wouldn’t present much of a hassle for you to set sail from Sydney.


Arguably the best city to live in Australia, Melbourne is widely known as the cultural and food capital of the entire country.

Indeed, it’s Victorian-style architecture and unique vibe that the city has made it a perfect match for people who are considering to move to Australia from Europe.

On the other note, it’s a bit cheaper than Sydney, so it makes a better solution as well especially if you’re struggling with Aussie financial basics 101.


Moving away from largest cities of the continent and traversing deeper into the beauty of wilderness this country has to offer, we can’t help but put Hobart on this list.

Hobart is nowhere near the size of Sydney or Melbourne, but it’s nevertheless an ideal fit for all the nature lovers who just want to move somewhere where the entire natural habitat is well preserved but where there’s still plenty of things to do and experience.

Australia is known for kangaroos, koalas and Tasmanian devils (and probably dingos). You’ll much more likely to stumble into one of those on the island of Tasmania, where the city of Hobart is located.

Apart from being a bit cooler than the cities above (due to it being closer to the Antarctic) Hobart’s municipality of Kingston has recently been named the most family-friendly place to live in Australia.