On our site, you can keep up with the latest trends from the world of video editing and music video production. Everything that has to do with video editing is on our radar. World of show business never stops delighting its fans with a variety of popular new and amazing music videos. Artists do their best for their fans and try to surprise their fans by all means.

What will the next pop star reveal to the world is very difficult to predict. And although the new trending music video will not appeal to everyone, it is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. Minimalism has gone into oblivion and now, in front of every enthusiastic audience, a modern picture unfolds, full of bright colors and exciting events, from which the heart beats faster. Two identical pieces of music are difficult to encounter.

Modern trends

The banal development of the plot will not surprise anyone nowadays. It is important to shock the viewer. But, this should not be the main priority. Although, some recent songs are much nicer to listen to than to watch, radically opposite examples also happen. If a performer is talented and knows how to present themselves in a positive way, then it will not present any difficulty to interest the viewer.

Another upside of the new tracks is the use of talented directors who specialize not only in musical works but in feature films. So, under their sensitive guidance, truly worthy masterpieces can be made.

Being somewhat intriguing is just not enough for a music video today. Therefore, for the sake of their viewers, the stars of the music world do everything possible and impossible. As a result, almost every recent creation has become memorable and ingenious.

Watching music videos online

Each person who decides to watch a video of their favorite track or just a popular video on YouTube will feel like a spectator in a fancy movie theater, but with lots of effects and editing. Love stories, intricate detective stories, or just a favorite artist talking to their audience – everyone can find what they like in life.

When listening to a new track one’s favorite artist, a person draws an image or a story that they associate with that song. And how nice it is to see the official video sequence, which was approved and created according to the performer! Perhaps this is precisely what lies in the success of all popular modern music videos, which occupy a place in the hearts of people.

Bright colors and actor cameos only make such videos better, turning a simple music video into a real movie. Each year, music videos more and more resemble small-scale movies, which sometimes carry much more pleasant emotions and meaning than real films.

The most popular music videos of 2019

  • Rammstein – Radio
  • Dynoro & Gigi D’Agostino – In My Mind
  • Little Big – Skibidi
  • Nicki Minaj feat Ariana Grande – Bed
  • Selena Gomez – Back To You
  • Eminem feat Ed Sheeran – River
  • Shanguy – La Louze
  • Rita Ora – Anywhere
  • JP Cooper – She’s On My Mind
  • Alice Merton – No Roots
  • Zayn – Dusk Till Dawn
  • Flo Rida feat Maluma – Hola
  • Luis Fonsi & Demi Lovato – Echame La Culpa
  • Taylor Swift – Ready for it
  • Selena Gomez, Marshmello – Wolves
  • Imagine Dragons – Whatever It Takes
  • Ed Sheeran – Shape of You
  • Major Lazer – Know No Better
  • Kesha – Woman
  • Jennifer Lopez – Ni Tu Ni Yo
  • Imagine Dragons – Thunder
  • Kygo & Selena Gomez – It Ain’t Me
  • Carla’s Dreams – Anti CSD
  • Kiesza – Dearly Beloved
  • Zayn & Taylor Swift – I Don’t Wanna Live Forever
  • Kris Wu – Juice
  • Little Mix – Touch