Even though you get to see them and talk to them every day, determining a suitable gift for the people who you spend most of your time with can be a difficult task. And yes, I’m talking about your colleagues and employees!

Whether it is their birthday, a special holiday or you just want to give them something to show appreciation, below are some of the best corporate gifts you can surprise your employees or fellow workers with!

1. Wireless Presenter

For the colleague who’s always in charge of presentations, a wireless presenter will give him true command of the room. We all know that public speakers need to maintain a god-like aura throughout presentations, otherwise they’ll be torn to shreds by the ravenous questions critics in the audience might ask.

Appearing vulnerable in a corporate presentation for just a second is like jumping into a shark pool, covered in blood. Don’t let your beloved colleague meet such a fate. Gift him the element of an impressive wireless presenter to distract and save his work life.

2. Lula’s Garden

Science said this: adding greenery in a room can help boost your mood and productivity as well as increasing the overall ambiance of a room.

With that in mind, why not brighten your employees’ day and desks with some refreshing greenery to keep their productivity soaring high! Try Lula’s Garden, the pretty gift box with hand-planted, locally-grown succulents that are low maintenance so that you won’t give your employees yet another thing to take care of.

3. Fred & Friends BORROW MY PEN Subversive Pen Set

Every workplace or office has one – a serial pen thief. We all have that one co-worker who lingers by your desk, looking for ballpoints and commenting on what a nice pen you have, then taking it to his desk to write something down and totally forgetting that IT IS NOT HIS PEN.

So, how should you get revenge?

Here’s an idea:

Buy everyone in your office this hilarious pen set from utterly embarrassing fake businesses and let things take their course. See, if they try taking each other’s pen.

4. Personalized Clothing

For the co-worker or employee who loves coming to work looking super stylish or for those wearing a plain shirt, why not add a bit of personalization to make their wardrobe a bit more memorable. Choose comfy Altitude clothing and have them customized.

Personalized clothing is the perfect way for your officemate to stand out from the crowd while also being in-style! They turn the average apparel into something more meaningful that your colleague or employee will surely remember you by.

5. Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

We all have a co-worker who’s addicted to coffee. But with that bunch of paperwork in front of her, she might forget about the smoking hot coffee beside her.

So, give her something cool that will make keep her coffee warm and ready to de-stress her, anytime she needs it!

6. Livescribe Digital Pen

Say bye-bye to a desk covered in colorful post-it notes, missing flash drives and a misplaced notebook. And say hello to less, but more!


Move into the future with an awesome, one-of-a-kind, techy scribe digital pen. Record your to-do lists, write down meeting agendas, and translate your thoughts into tangible items and never, ever, look back.

7. Andyer Foot Rest Hammock

You might think it’s a dream? Being barefoot, in a hammock, at work?

Well, who said that hard work and relaxation can’t go hand-in-hand? Gift this to your employees and see how they get more done with the comfort provided by this awesome sling underneath their desk.

8. EdgeStar Kegerator

When your employees say during their interview that they are looking for a workplace with a good “culture”, this beer refrigerator is exactly what they mean. Group outings, team building activities, honest communication and a sense that they are making a difference in your business are all great, however, those are all forms of beating around the bush!

And the bush here would be beer! Remember, anyone who offer them free beers earns their respect and trust. But a boss who offer them free beer while paying them will earn the keys to their soul and pledge eternal loyalty!