First of all, what are gaming podcasts? Gaming podcasts are audio recordings of strategy, tips, tactics, and gameplay related to specific games, or game development. They are typically hosted by gaming experts.

Gaming Podcasts Add Value to Your Game

Gaming podcasts are a dime a dozen at the App Store and the Google Play Store. These highly entertaining and informative audio files present players and fans with behind-the-scenes information, updates, and opinions from leading experts in the gaming arena. Many of these energy-infused gaming podcasts are designed with a twofold purpose in mind: to entertain and to educate players. The top-tier podcasts feature HD audio-visual functionality in the form of recorded videos, sometimes with a live streaming format for audiences.

Our listing of world-class gaming podcasts includes many of the industry’s established video game podcasts such as: The Giant Bombcast, What’s Good Games, and The Patch. Other deep-dive game development podcasts include the likes of AIAS Game Maker’s Notebook, while game developers also routinely showcase podcasts with the likes of Gamkedo.Community. Indie developers are an up-and-coming community of players and include the likes of Game Dev’s Quest. The listing also includes card game podcasts like and its fascinating insights into optimizing poker play. For players, this online resource adds tremendous value to the enjoyment and understanding of these respective games.

The Giant Bombcast

mass effect andromeda

The Giant Bombcast offers interactive e podcasts for video gamers. These podcasts are filled with informative content, and they typically run for much longer than competing podcasts. Provided you have the time to soak up all this information, this is a worthwhile option for video gaming enthusiasts. Every week, The Giant Bombcast releases a 3-hour-long episode, and while this will eat into your disposable time, it provides extremely valuable insights into all aspects of video gaming. Thankfully, the hosts are humorous and entertaining. The YouTube Giant Bomb Archive contains dozens of videos, many of which have hundreds, or thousands of views.

Podcasts are not only for game developers and video game enthusiasts. They are also ideally suited to players with a penchant for strategy-based card games. Poker players, particularly online poker players, are learning to maximize their advantage by understanding in-game mechanics through the professional insights offered by experienced poker players. Stitcher is a great resource for poker fans, as it provides lengthy podcasts into optimized gameplay with things like Ace King combinations, WSOP Main Events, and poker site reviews. offers multiple categories for its podcasts, including technology, sport, comedy, business, games & hobbies etcetera.

What’s Good Games

what's good games

Gaming fans will enjoy the fact that all of the hosts on this podcast are females. And there are 3 of them. This is particularly refreshing in an industry that is dominated by men. The podcasts present insights into the video game industry from the perspective of women, and it’s a welcome change. It’s not for women per se; it’s for everyone and that much is evident when you listen to all the bravado, expert insights, and strategic posturing that the three of them conjure up.

These gals have a definite edge, wit, and sharpness about them. They include Britney Brombacher (, Andrea Rene, and Kristine Steimer. The podcast gets released on Fridays at 8 PM Pacific time, and it’s available all over the web on YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and others. It’s great that this podcast has tentacles in all forms of social media, spreading the trio’s message far and wide.

Rooster Teeth Podcast a.k.a The Patch

The Patch does many fine podcasts, and they are readily available all over the web, including the free mobile app, for various podcasts on Android and iOS devices at the Google Play Store, and the App Store. This series of podcasts is hosted by The Rooster Teeth. Its primary focus is on video gaming, but there are plenty of other stories on a wealth of topics for players. If you’ve got some time to kill at home, in your car, on vacay, these podcasts will keep you entertained with some 150+ episodes available for download. Incidentally, RT Podcast (Rooster Teeth) has some 30,122+ subscribers, with scores of podcasts available. These guys are gaming nerds, and they run live podcasts on Mondays at 5 PM central time.

AIAS Game Maker’s Notebook

The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS) Game Maker’s Notebook is pretty spectacular. Anyone interested in gaming in all its guises will love the unbelievable quality of the podcasts presented by AIAS. This series of podcasts presents visitors with intimate discussions on gaming, particularly from the interactive entertainment perspective, according to the 4 tenets of industry nomenclature: Design, Innovation, Communication, Entertainment. Well-known gaming aficionados in the podcasts include Ru Weerasuriya, Romain Jouandeau, Mike Bithell, Ian Dallas, Sean Vanaman, Todd Howard, and Ed Boon among others. This LA-based non-profit company is focused on interactive arts, and developers share their insights with the CEO and founder, Ted Price. Incidentally, Game Dev’s Quest is another entertaining podcast which chronicles the development of gaming from the perspective of an amateur. Two guys – Taylor Buchheit and Rett Weissenfels – put these podcasts together, and they have a pretty decent fan base for their efforts.


The game developers out there will gain in-depth insights from the podcasts offered by Gamkedo.Community. A wealth of stories is presented with professionals in the gaming field and beyond. Indie producers, game composers, game designers, amateurs and professionals are consulted in the podcasts. The hosts are upbeat and insightful, and they present all the motivation needed to get up and running with your own video games and other games. It’s all about game development with the Gamkedo.Community and this is clearly communicated in the professional podcasts they offer.

In Closing

Podcasts present players with an interesting way to find specific information about games. Whether it’s gameplay or game development, podcasts cover topics in depth. The aforementioned podcasts are highly rated by players, gaming aficionados, and fans. Anyone with an appetite for gaming will certainly benefit from the useful information presented in these podcasts.